Mail Call

September 25, 2009

"This is in reference to everybody saying that health care, universal health care, is unconstitutional. First of all, there's nothing in the Constitution that says we cannot provide health care for every single citizen in the U.S. And so not only is a nationwide health care policy constitutional, it's also biblical. In the Bible it mentions several times in Proverbs and in the New Testament that we need to take care of everybody. In fact, that's what Jesus Christ did all of his life." - Keedysville

"I'd just like to make a comment saying that I think the nation and the world could make more money and be happy if they could see good in people, instead of hate and war." - Mapleville

"To the Hagerstown caller about the socialist health care and so forth: Well, I tell you what, buddy, I got mine, and you can get yours any way you can. And also, the economy has recovered, because I've had six great months of investments in the stock market out of eight. That's recovery." - Hagerstown


"I'd like to comment on your Monday morning quarterback section of the sports page, Sept. 21, 2009. It's very informative and very professional, and good job, Herald-Mail." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I'm calling about the emissions article. I live in Pennsylvania, and we don't have emissions inspection because we get our vehicles inspected once a year, every year. That is why we do not have the VEIP emissions. And if you all would get your own vehicles inspected every year, you wouldn't have to do it either." - Mercersburg, Pa.

"I live in Maryland. I don't consider this being Steeler country. Steeler fans only like them when they win. I'm a Ravens fan. Go, Ravens." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling because I'm wondering why The Herald-Mail has not shown any coverage of the Republican rally in Franklin County on Saturday, at the Marion festival grounds. There were a lot of people there. But I've been watching the papers for the last three days to see your report on it, and I haven't seen any coverage. If it was a Democratic function, I'm sure it would be very prominently displayed. Another instance of a Democratic double standard." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"Sports are great for children, but not on Sunday morning. Parents should take their children to Sunday school and church, and insist that the coaches set another time for practicing and games. Children should not have to make the choice of church or sports." - Boonsboro

"I'd like to know why, when I was in to the Department of Motor Vehicles yesterday, which is a state facility, a person is allowed to harass me about the president's proposed health care plan, and make negative comments about our president." - Sharpsburg

"I say 'Thumbs down' to The Herald-Mail for giving their Thumbs Down award to Rep. Joe Wilson from South Carolina. Joe Wilson was telling the truth when he said 'You lie' to Obama. None of the four health care reform bills in Congress on the day of Obama's speech contained language restricting illegal immigrants from receiving benefits." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"The last two Mail Call posts in the Sunday paper are totally false. One states that waitresses are taxed on the number of hours worked and not on their income, which includes tips. This is not true. Everyone pays taxes based on their income, period. Their withholding may be based on hours worked, but their final taxes paid at the end of the year is on income. The other post claims that the post office is not making money, and Social Security is in trouble because the government is using the money - not true. The post office is self-supporting, and their cost of operation is more than they are taking in, so they need to cut costs or reduce expenses - simple math. Social Security is paying out what Congress has set up as payments based on an individual's earnings, not on what they have in the bank. Money is being used by the government, but does not affect payments. - Waynesboro, Pa.

"Page 1 of Sunday's Herald-Mail touted: 'Flu clinic is fast and easy and good practice.' A health department spokesman said that the long lines were 'not a surprise to officials.' Yet two-thirds of the way through the session, the Boonsboro clinic ran out of vaccine. 'Prior proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance.' Enough said." - Keedysville

"I can understand the disgust of the couple who bought a house in the city, about taxes and their water bill. l live in the North End, and we are double-taxed by the city and the county. In the last year, practically all of the few homes that have been sold here were sold at less than 65 percent of their tax-assessed value." - Hagerstown

"I see in today's paper that they want to hire more correctional officers. Why not hire the ones they wrongly fired back? It would save some money on training someone new. Some have already been hired back. So why not all of them, especially the ones wrongly accused?" - Hancock

"Russia's Putin claims he is pleased with Obama's decision (without Congress) to not deploy three site missile defense plan, or 10 missile defense interceptors in Poland, radar in Czech Republic. An agreement made with our allies who are upset about Obama appeasing Russia, leaving us undefended against intercontinental range ballistic missiles. ... So much for defending America." - Hagerstown

"The Senate Finance Committee is expected to begin voting on the Baucus version of ObamaCare ... This latest version is still an oppressive, government-run health care system. That's because the centerpiece remains the so-called 'individual mandate' that is blatantly unconstitutional and amounts to an oppressive new tax. Where in the Constitution does the federal government have the authority to impose this 'individual mandate'? ... It is profoundly unconstitutional." - Hagerstown

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