Letters to the Editor

September 24, 2009

TEA Party movement is not a partisan effort

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the letter from Mike McGough published in the Sept. 20 edition of The Herald Mail ("Protests against health care reform are misdirected, page A9).

It is obvious to me that McGough has not done his homework on the TEA Party movement and likely gets his information from the one-sided mainstream media.

The TEA Party movement is not necessarily bent on bashing President Obama and is not partisan. It is open to Democrats, Republicans, independents, conservatives and liberals.


I have attended three TEA Party rallies as well as the march in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 12. I have heard speakers from all walks of life and from several political parties. The primary objectives of the TEA Party movement are to have limited sensible regulations, eliminate the wasteful spending of the federal government and return to the principles of strong state governments and the limited enumerated powers given to Congress by the Constitution.

You will be hard-pressed to find someone who does not agree that the health care system in this country needs to be reworked. This should include tort reform and changing regulations so that more competition would be allowed among insurance companies. The last thing we need is another government-run entitlement program that would be mired in bureaucracy and waste.

McGough mentions Social Security and Medicare. Let's add the post office to the mix and you will have three of many possible examples of how the federal government runs things.

Is this who you want running the health care system? I think not.

Gene Walkley

Thanks to Sgt. Fluharty for changing my tire

To the editor:

I would like to thank Sgt. Fluharty of the Maryland State Police for changing my tire on a recent morning.

I live in West Virginia and work for the Washington County Board of Education. I was northbound and my tire blew at the interchange of Interstates 81 and 70. I was able to pull off the road at the guardrail.

I called Maryland State Police and was told that a tow truck would be sent along with an officer. When Sgt. Fluharty arrived, he offered to change my tire instead of having me wait for a tow truck.

Thank you so much for your kindness. I felt a lot safer after your arrival. Being broken down on the interstate on a dark morning is not the best way to start the day. You are definitely to be commended for your kindness.

Sherry Dockeney
Falling Waters, W.Va.

Glenn Beck is getting a free pass from media

To the editor:

I am having a hard time understanding why Glenn Beck is getting pretty much a "free pass" from the mainstream media.

I've listened to several of his programs, and they are riddled with half-truths and outright lies, most of which are aimed at President Obama and his administration. My fear is that, unchallenged, his hate mongering will result in convincing some of the more extreme of his listeners into action.

Please help tamp this down by pointing out the lies and bringing the fringe back to reality. We have seen way too much violence in America.

David Clark

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