Salaries at USM-H reduced

September 24, 2009|By ANDREW SCHOTZ

HAGERSTOWN -- Hagerstown's University System of Maryland campus will close for seven days when classes aren't in session and employees will lose pay as part of a systemwide budget cut.

The local savings in salaries will be $8,150.03, said Erin Harman, a spokeswoman for the campus.

Statewide, in the latest round of cuts, the University System of Maryland was directed to trim $26.1 million through salary reductions to help the state fill a budget gap.

That includes $814,775 at Frostburg State University, according to Frostburg spokeswoman Liz Medcalf.

Even though USM-H has its own budget, the campus's eight full-time employees are considered part of Frostburg State University and will follow Frostburg's salary-reduction plan.

Employees making up to $25,000 will lose one day of pay. At the top salary level of more than $100,000, employees will lose 10 days of pay.


Medcalf said salary cuts will be spread throughout the year, rather than a particular pay period.

USM-H and Frostburg, which offers courses at the Hagerstown campus, will be closed Dec. 22 and 23 and March 15 to 19, which is spring break.

No classes are scheduled those days. Normally, the campus would stay open when classes are out, but because of the salary-reduction plan, it will close, Harman said.

Employees will lose pay when the campus closes. Those scheduled to lose fewer than seven days of pay will have to use personal days, vacation days or leave days without pay to make up the difference, she said.

Specifics of the salary-reduction plan were distributed Monday to Frostburg and USM-H employees.

Based on total salaries of $388,454 for eight full-time USM-H employees, the savings would be $8,150.03, Harman said. Part-time employees' pay is not being cut.

The savings estimate does not include the cost of operating the campus building those seven days, Harman said.

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