Skate park discussed at public meeting

September 24, 2009|By TRISH RUDDER

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.VA. -- Four people attended a public meeting this week to discuss the Berkeley Springs Bike and Skate Park (BS2) that is to be built at Harmison Field on Ewing Street.

The meeting was sponsored by Morgan County Parks and Recreation.

Liz Kerns, a Berkeley Springs High School senior and reporter for West Virginia Teen Zine, an online magazine, asked if local businesses would be able to advertise with signs on the fence around the park.

Bruce Beadenkopf, acting director of Parks and Recreation, said the fence will be used for advertising for a yearly fee. 

Kylea Hauser, a seventh-grader from Warm Springs Middle School, wanted to know if skateboarding equipment could be rented at the park and if a snack bar would be available. 

Board member Gordon MacLeod said a concession area and a rental and parts shop is planned for the skate park, but it might take some time before that is available. 


Beadenkopf said the plan is for someone to oversee the park to make sure the rules are followed, and payment from concessions and rentals will help pay that person's salary.

Beadenkopf said the park will be built in phases. The concrete for the first phase is expected to be poured as soon as possible before the weather turns cold, he said. 

The second phase is putting in the wood, rebar and other materials, he said. 

Board member Bryan Heironimus said many people are making in-kind commitments but are waiting for the concrete to go down. 

Kerns suggested a way to raise funds for the park is to have an event with music at the skate park after the concrete is poured.  

Board member Steve Unger said Kerns needs to get the word out to high school students that help is needed to get the park built.  

"Talk to the kids about the plan," Unger said. 

Megan Hauser, community educator with the Morgan County Partnership, wanted to know what kind of tasks were needed from the students, and Beadenkopf suggested putting up posters in school and have meetings about ways to help raise money. 

Kylea Hauser wanted to know what the hours would be for the park.

Unger said the skate park hours will be 8 a.m. until dusk. The lights will be used only during special events.


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