Waynesboro's new postmaster to focus on customer service

September 23, 2009|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, PA. -- Christine Sanbower is a woman in charge of a mail-dominated agency in Waynesboro.

Sanbower became her hometown's postmaster in mid-July. She juggled several tasks on a hectic, recent morning, helping customers and employees as the phone rang almost constantly.

Despite the organized chaos, Sanbower is thrilled to be working in Waynesboro again at a post office with which she's very familiar.

"The same carrier who delivered my mom's mail probably still does," she said.

The energetic woman graduated from Waynesboro Area Senior High School in 1985. She started as a mail carrier in 1992 on a friend's suggestion.


"I loved carrying mail," she said.

Sanbower later worked as postmaster in St. Thomas and Fayetteville in Franklin County, Pa., and as a supervisor in Camp Hill, Pa. The last position required commuting more than an hour.

She returned to Waynesboro upon the retirement of Frank Wells. Her primary goal is to continue focusing on customer service while processing more than 40,000 items daily.

Offending a customer can mean reduced business in an era when commerce can be done online, Sanbower said. And that customer likely would tell friends about a bad experience, she said.

Sanbower, wife of John and mother of 5-year-old Heather, said she hasn't heard many details about the U.S. Postal Service's proposal to drop Saturday delivery. That day is the Waynesboro Post Office's slowest because many businesses are closed.

"I don't know how five-day delivery would work," Sanbower said. "That's beyond my control."

The Waynesboro Post Office operates nine city routes and 11 rural routes. Sanbower, five clerks and a custodian work in the building itself.

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