Vehicle crashes into Waynesboro restaurant

September 23, 2009|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- A Chrysler Sebring plowed through the front of the Parlor House on Wednesday, seriously injuring two people in the car and two people inside the restaurant in the South Potomac Shopping Center, according to a fire official.

One man, who was carrying food in a takeout container, was walking through the restaurant's glass-encased lobby when the impact threw him through an interior window at about 4:30 p.m. He suffered the worst injuries and was taken to Washington County Hospital, Waynesboro Fire Chief Dave Martin said.

The older couple in the car and another patient from the restaurant were taken to other area hospitals, Martin said.

The Waynesboro Police Department had not released the accident victims' names by late Wednesday.

Mike Cermak, the borough's building inspector through Accredited Services Inc., allowed food service to continue in the south side of the restaurant, even when the car was still wedged in the lobby. At least two dozen patrons navigated past yellow caution tape on their way to dinner.


"There's no damage on that side at all," Cermak said.

Cermak's only significant concern was an interior beam that sustained damage at its base. Other similar beams continued to support the building.

"It's structurally pretty sound. All they have to do is clean it up and make sure the windows are boarded up," Martin said.

Mike Small of Waynesboro watched the accident unfold as he drove through the parking lot. He recalled seeing the white car pull into a parking space and then "all of a sudden, it accelerated."

"It's one of those things, even though you saw it, you don't believe it," Small said.

Amos Miller and his wife had left the Parlor House and were entering Save A Lot grocery store, which also is in the shopping center.

"I heard it," Amos Miller said. "We had our back to it."

The sound of shattering glass was etched in the couple's minds.

"It sounded like 20 tons of ice cubes breaking up," Amos Miller said.

Another vehicle crashed through the lobby about eight to 10 years ago.

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