Mail Call

September 23, 2009

"You know what I don't understand? They called Bush a moron, they called Bush an idiot, but when you disagree with Obama, you're a racist. Where ... is this country going to? That's all I want to know." - Hagerstown

"I know cool weather's just starting to get here, and well, fall will be here in another few days, but I'm just waiting, and hoping to see - because it was funny - whether this fellow, as he has done in the past, rakes up all his neighbor's leaves that fall in his yard and dump them back on his property. It was rather amusing the first time I saw it. I thought it was just a joke, but this guy actually does rake up his neighbor's leaves and then dumps them back on their property." - Hagerstown

"Krauthammer's article in Sunday's paper is 100 percent correct. Obama does not lie, but he deceives, and the worst is yet to come." - Charles Town, W.Va.


"Concerning your article today in Sunday's paper concerning homelessness in Hagerstown, I mean, maybe people in the area and in the world today won't judge some of these homeless people as harsh. I mean, anyone can become homeless, I mean, lose a job and lose your home and so forth. People don't seem to realize that." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I was wondering why, when a handicapped resident moves out of an apartment building, it takes the city a year to remove the handicapped sign from in front of the building. I was just wondering why it takes so long when they already move out." - Hagerstown

"Very, very interesting article on the front page of Sunday's paper, 'Homeless in Hagerstown.' It was truly touching, and I do not understand why, why do we help people in foreign countries like we do, when we have our own U.S. citizens living like this? Thank you very much for the article." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"Memo to David Limbaugh: Spare us your pre-programmed phony outrage over anything said by a Democrat." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"I am for people speaking their mind, that's why I contact 'Mail' ... Sometimes I agree or disagree with David Limbaugh. His piece on Saturday requires a response. He attacked Clinton and Gore for wanting Social Security put in a lockbox - then praises Bush for his attempt to reform the system by suggesting putting it into the stock market five years ago. David is not doing much for his credibility." - Hagerstown

"Since Medicare doesn't seem to be a problem anymore, our president has a health plan for the whole country that he says isn't going to raise the country's debt. How about putting all of us on this public health plan (Medicare) that is already in the works and doing so well? Don't make any changes to it, just let anybody on that is willing to pay the same as seniors do now. All workers would pay according to how much they make, in addition to the monthly fee." - Hagerstown

"Sunday's Herald-Mail article on the Health Department's flu clinic at North High said it was quick and easy. ... My wife went at 10 a.m., was told the wait in line was an hour, there were no on-site parking spaces and she would have to park a block away. Seniors are advised to get their shots, but aren't able to walk that far and then stand in line over an hour to do so. She left and returned at 11 a.m. and was told they had run out of vaccine." - Hagerstown

"A large (about 100-pound) stone placed at the corner of your driveway will deter drivers from running over your trash bags or cans. Always place your trash containers beside the stone, allowing said stone to remain visible to anyone who may contemplate driving in that direction. Even the most simple-minded folks will avoid hitting a large solid object with the front wheel of their vehicle - unless, of course, it's a stolen vehicle." - Hagerstown

"In Monday morning's paper, 'Homeless in Hagerstown' ... you can blame ... politicians. Some of these people say they couldn't afford to pay their rent. They were kicked out. Of course, some of them had domestic problems and all that, but. ... You know you can't afford to live anymore in Hagerstown because they keep raising assessments on your houses. People don't have jobs, they can't afford to make their house payments or anything." - Hagerstown

"Once again, the GOP is getting hysterical. Why was it when John McCain was running for president last year, and he was on all the talk shows on Sunday, that was fine; aw, he's a great man, he's a great veteran, hero. When the president - I repeat, the president of the U.S. does it, to try to inform people, they call it Celebrity Sunday. Once again, the GOP and double standard." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I'm calling in response to the person who called in from Greencastle, asking whether this was a Republican paper. Believe me, it's all Republican - 110 percent. Don't write anything good about the country, about the president, about anybody. It won't get published. Write the negatives about everything and they will print it." - Hagerstown

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