Letters to the Editor

September 22, 2009

It's time to show our president some respect

To the editor:

OK America, it's time to pay a little respect to the man running our country.

Though I did not vote for Barack Obama, I now find myself glad he is the man who won the position. I think Obama is genuine and sincere in his actions. Let's face reality and agree that the president stepped into a 12-round boxing match already in its final round. He is simply doing all he can to pick up the pieces and clean up the mess left over from the instigator who started the fight.

As for spending, so many say Obama is simply continuing to spend money just as President Bush did. Truth is, if you view it this way, perhaps a refresher in Economics 101 should be on your agenda. If our president were to suddenly pull the government purse strings shut, we would all see a much worse economy than we're now seeing. Lose the tunnel vision and focus on the big picture, people.


As for the president's health care reform, it is long overdue and a very feasible plan. We have many Americans with little to no insurance. The president's plan gives hope to these individuals as well as taking care of all others.

If those with Medicare seem to believe what they already have is worth fighting to keep, you're wrong. Medicare is simply a system heading for derailment, which is perhaps for the better.

The B side of Medicare has been deluged with corruption and fraudulent claims time and time again. This same B side has for years been battling to cut your home oxygen use and decrease limits on your home medical supplies. They are also fighting hard to force use of a very limited number of suppliers nationwide. For the suppliers that would win the positions, the criteria is simple - rock-bottom pricing over customer service.

The A side of Medicare is no better, which is why many health care providers have either retired or dropped out of the Medicare system. The reimbursed Medicare amounts for services might sustain a physician if he or she wanted to live a lifestyle below the poverty line. If so, why go through years of medical school spending thousands of dollars on an education when they could live that life without the degree.

Wake up America, it's time to get rid of the "we" mentality and look to the outside of this tunnel. Give our president your support and save the condemnation for those who deserve it.

Randy A. BreedenWilliamsport

Alternative proposal offered for redistricting

To the editor:

As a citizen and taxpayer with no children or grandchildren in Washington County Public Schools, I feel I need to speak out about one of the proposals of the redistricting committee.

The committee has as one of its proposals sending elementary-age children from two subdivisions in Keedysville to Rockland Woods Elementary School from their current school, Boonsboro Elementary School.

There are many reasons why this proposal should not be approved, but for me, the underlying reason is the mileage from Keedysville to Rockland Woods. Until a person gets in an automobile and physically makes the trip, it is not apparent how long the trip is.

As individuals have pointed out, there is room in Boonsboro Middle School to house the fifth-graders attending Boonsboro Elementary School. This would reduce the overcrowding at Boonsboro Elementary School.

There is precedent for this. In the late 1980s, the fifth-graders were housed at Boonsboro Middle School. I know this because my oldest son was taught there in the 1988-89 school year. It is not a perfect solution, but possibly the best for the situation now.

Boonsboro Middle School has an advantage in the fact it has one section large enough to house the fifth-graders that is somewhat separate from the rest of the building.

I urge all those involved to think about the welfare of any children involved.

Meredith FoucheSharpsburg

Christian message will never die

To the editor:

Allan Powell seems fixated on attacking and complicating Christianity.

Maybe we who are Christians have made it difficult for others who do not practice the same faith (or any faith at all) to understand how very simple Christianity is. In fact, this could be the perfect opportunity for Christians to reflect upon how it is about Jesus Christ, His dying for the world and how His walk on Earth was to be our example of what a powerful force love is.

Perhaps it is time for us in the body of Christ to get back to the basics of the Bible and spend more time in prayer so we can then answer our accusers in love.

Prayer is fuel to energize the spirit and a time to listen for God's quiet voice to guide us. Prayer is our spiritual umbrella to carry out into the storms of life, and praying for those who dislike or despise us is the ultimate weapon.

Mother Teresa said it best when she stated, "If we want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it."

If we master this then no hate can harm us. They might kill the messenger, but the message will never die, for love is the oil in our spiritual lamps to illuminate the world.

Kate PradoHagerstown

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