Mail Call

September 22, 2009

"You know, back when Jimmy Carter ran for president, I voted for him, but I wouldn't vote for him to be a dogcatcher now. How could he stand up before the U.S. people, the American people, and say that Joe Wilson made a racist statement when he told Obama 'You lie'? I don't see anything the matter with that at all." - Sharpsburg

"I was calling about the article in Thursday morning's paper about the Pleasant Valley police issues. The southern end of the county does not exist to the Hagerstown natives, county associations or the police. They only have to help us because they are required to. They don't care about us. Something needs to be done about this before someone gets hurt." - Dargan

"I have a suggestion for Sheriff Mullendore, about cutting response time to the southern area of Washington County. What would be the problem with putting a deputy sheriff down at the fire station at the Dargan volunteer fire company, to cut down response time to that area?" - Dargan


"I think the lady in Williamsport is exactly right about the truck traffic. It is ridiculous. It's not only Williamsport, it's everywhere. These trucks, that's what tears the roads up now. They're everywhere. A lot of it's just to make shortcuts. That's all it is. They should never be allowed on these roads. They should restrict them." - Sharpsburg

"I think it's great that staff photographer Joe Crocetta of The Herald-Mail took a photo of the whole field of sunflowers and a color picture was put on the front page. Twice, I've called the paper about the beautiful field of grape hyacinths - we've always called them bluebells - on Rench Road. The photographer came out this year and took a photo of about three or four grape hyacinths, not the beautiful whole field of them, and we were very disappointed." - Hagerstown

"This is to the caller from Keedysville who said they were worried about Obama's speech to the students, because of his track record of speeches that he's made throughout the world. That is a very good point, and I totally agree with you. He seems to go around and put America down, and I wouldn't want him to be putting America down to the students." - Hagerstown

"I am a Democrat, and I am against Obama's health care plan. But according to Jimmy Carter, I am a racist. I am far from being a racist, and I object to President Carter calling me this horrible name." - Boonsboro

"I'm commenting about the waitress comment. First of all, that person ought to be glad that they have a job. I know plenty of people struggling to find work. And people don't owe you a tip. There's a song by Donna Summer, you work hard for the money. If you work hard for the money, then people will tip you. If you don't work hard for the money, then I'm sorry, you don't deserve a tip." - Hagerstown

"I believe the people who are complaining at the lower part of the county down there, saying it's taking too long for the sheriff department to get to them, respond to their calls and their break-ins and all that stuff, why can't Boonsboro respond down in that area? They have I don't know how many policemen on duty at the same time, on the same nights. So I'm sure that one of them could respond to take care of the calls." - Hagerstown

"I would like to comment on the residents about complaining that Maryland is a Ravens fan. I'm sorry, but you live in Steeler nation. Get over it." - Hagerstown

"I'm a driver, and I live in the city of Hagerstown and I drive. I called the county about a month, month and a half ago about a certain light out on the corner of Jefferson and Eastern Boulevard. It needs to be looked at. Well, obviously nobody's ever come out, because it's still doing the same thing that it's been doing for the last two or three months." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in response to the caller from Martinsburg, W.Va., that was in yesterday's paper, the 16th, comparing Joe Wilson's outburst calling President Obama a liar to Sen. Byrd calling President Bush a liar. The difference is ... that Sen. Byrd was telling the truth." - Hagerstown

"This is to all the people calling in about waitresses. These people have chose to do that job. They knew what their wages were going in, so they have to live with what they make, even if they don't receive tips. Good service, good tip. Bad service, no tip. It's as simple as that." - Clear Spring

"This is in regards to the call-in on Friday, Sept. 18, about the Lyndon LaRouche table at the MVA. The caller had indicated this person must be Republican because they were objecting to Obama. They should be made aware of the fact Lyndon LaRouche is not part of the Republican party, so do not blame Republicans for what he is doing." - Hagerstown

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