Berkeley Co. woman arraigned on animal cruelty charges

September 22, 2009|By MATTHEW UMSTEAD

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. -- A 51-year-old Berkeley County woman was arraigned Tuesday on animal cruelty charges after authorities earlier this month found 24 dogs, two ferrets, 15 guinea pigs, about two dozen rabbits, a pot-bellied pig, a cockatoo and a cat living in feces-littered conditions, according to court records.

Doreen Krekelberg, of 152 Carlyle Road in Martinsburg, was arraigned on five misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty by Berkeley County Magistrate Harry L. Snow, according to court records.

On Sept. 2, Berkeley County Sheriff's Department humane officers found two pit bulls loose in the south addition of Krekelberg's home, along with a rat that was 5 to 6 inches long "roaming the room," according to a complaint filed by Humane Officer Erin Webber.

There were puddles of urine and a large bag of feces on the floor and no food for the dogs, according to Webber's complaint.


The guinea pigs were found with two dead guinea pigs in a cage outside the home, according to Webber's complaint.

The carcasses were in various stages of decay, according to Webber's complaint.

Four dogs found near the guinea pigs were in a kennel not sufficient for outdoor use and authorities found fur and multiple piles of feces in a second kennel where a beagle was found with a "patched" skin condition, according to Webber's complaint.

In another enclosure, Webber said authorities found a white husky mix dog with hip and backbone visible, according to the complaint.

The ferrets, named "Faith" and "Hope," were found in the living room and appeared soiled and malnourished, according to Webber's complaint.

The cat, which had "visible eye injuries and defects," was found loose on the property, according to the complaint.

Four rabbits that were seized by Animal Control were soiled and underweight, had matted fur, dead hair, sores and long nails, according to Webber's complaint.

While the animals' physical condition varied, Webber said in her complaint that most were found underweight and having some type of skin condition, unkempt coats, long nails and fecal contamination of both the skin and fur, according to court records.

"Some insects were visibly seen on the animals' body," Webber said in her complaint.

At least 12 dogs, along with the cat, guinea pigs and ferrets were listed in court documents as seized property, according to court records.

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