Opinions sought to improve Lifestyle section

September 19, 2009|By CHRIS COPLEY

About a year ago, The Herald-Mail launched a complete redesign of the newspaper.

After months of discussing proposals for new headline fonts, new colors, a new masthead and other revisions, we presented our ideas to several groups of readers. Their feedback helped us shape the final design.

We value reader feedback because we want you to be engaged in reading the newspaper.

The Lifestyle department is now looking for more reader input to refocus the section to truly fit your life.

Our plan is to keep certain features, such as columnists, arts calendars and birth announcements, in the same place on the same day each week.

At the same time, we're considering adding or changing some elements of our sections. For instance, we're considering changes to some of the puzzles in response to reader comments. And we're developing a weekly section for seniors. We have ideas for the new section, but we'd like to hear your ideas, too. What do you think should go into a Lifestyle section for the area's seniors?


And, of course, if new elements are added, existing elements must move or be dropped to make room.

We'd like to get readers' preferences and ideas. After all, many of you read our Lifestyle sections. Maybe you have a favorite section or a favorite feature. Or maybe you want to nominate a feature you think is expendable. Maybe there's something you think is missing from Lifestyle. Maybe you think we are overlooking a segment of our community. Let us know.

To gather feedback, the Lifestyle section will host a couple of get-togethers in early November. We'll serve some pizza, talk about ideas and get your opinions. Watch the Lifestyle section for details about when and where we'll meet.

But you don't have to wait for the get-togethers to let us know what you think. Readers can send us ideas anytime by mail, fax, e-mail or phone.

Send e-mail to, call Lifestyle editor Chris Copley at his new phone number, 301-791-6177, send faxed comments to 301-714-0245, or mail your thoughts to Lifestyle editor, The Herald-Mail, P.O. Box 439, Hagerstown, MD 21741.

We want the Lifestyle section to depict life in Washington County and surrounding areas. Help us make our picture of Washington County more complete.

Chris Copley is Lifestyle editor of The Herald-Mail.

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