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Fire company offers use of space in special events building

Fire company offers use of space in special events building

September 15, 2009|By MARLO BARNHART

CLEAR SPRING - After years and years of effort to bring a senior center to Clear Spring, it is about to become a reality.

The Washington County Commission on Aging is also gearing up to start both a Meals on Wheels program in the Clear Spring area as well as the new senior center.

The center, which will also be used for distribution of the Meals on Wheels, is to be at the Clear Spring Fire Co. special events building at 12323 Big Spring Road.

Ronnie Poole, president of the fire company, said he was approached by the Commission on Aging. The fire company agreed to allow the activities in the building.


"We are giving them the use of a room here," Poole said, adding that all the Commission on Aging has to pay is utilities.

That room can seat 400 to 500 people and has a three-compartment sink necessary for the Meals on Wheels operation, Poole said. Actual food preparation will take place at one of the Clear Spring schools.

Poole said the center is expected to be open five days a week from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Clear Spring Town Clerk Juanita Grimm said Commission on Aging representatives attended the town meeting in August about the plan to restart Meals on Wheels and also to set up the senior center.

"Some churches were contacted but they were too busy already," Grimm said. Another stumbling block was accessibility for those with disabilities.

Poole said the fire department building is accessible.

"I think it is great that seniors will have some place to go," Grimm said.

Longtime Clear Spring resident and former mayor Betty Shank said she was pleased to hear the plans.

"I think it is exciting news," Shank said. "There are a lot of seniors who deserve these services which have continually missed us here in Clear Spring."

Anyone interested in learning more about the center or to sign up for Meals on Wheels may call Hannah Cramer at 301-790-0275, ext. 209.

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