Eliminator takes the stink out of well water

September 14, 2009|By TRISH RUDDER

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. -- A Morgan County man has invented a way to reduce iron and eliminate the rotten egg smell from well water.

Tom Hall, who owns H&H Technologies LLC with his wife, Veta, said The Eliminator is an internal aeration system that uses no chemicals and is safe for the environment. He has been working on it for about eight years.

The Eliminator is placed inside a well casing and hangs from the well cap. It is 25 feet long in 5-foot sections, Hall said. 

About a 5-foot-wide area next to the well is dug up to install the Eliminator's water supply, Hall said. The system recirculates the water in the well to clean it before it goes into the house, he said. 


Hall, the chief facilities operator of water for the City of Martinsburg, W.Va., has been working with water since 1975.  

Veta Hall said the company has sold 82 Eliminators in the Eastern Panhandle, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Oregon.  

"We are expanding in California now due to demand," she said. 

Allan Keenan of southern Morgan County purchased the Eliminator more than a year ago, replacing another system. 

"We are so pleased with ours. It has all but eliminated the odor and about 95 percent of the iron is gone," he said. "It was well worth the money for the quality of water."

The Eliminator costs about $1,500 installed, Hall said.

Keenan said he cleans The Eliminator twice a year, and it is easy.

"You just rinse it off with a hose," he said. 

Keenan said his son was so impressed with how well it works, he had one installed at his home.  

Veta Hall said a water analysis to include hardness, iron and hydrogen sulfide should be performed first to determine the water's suitability for The Eliminator. 

"If someone has heavy iron, we discourage them. We don't want to sell them something that's not going to work for them," Tom Hall said. 

For more information, go to or call 304-676-9698.



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