Mail Call

September 12, 2009

"I'm calling regarding the letter in Mail Call about health care for Native Americans and veterans being the same health care system that's used in Britain. That's absolutely not true. My mother lived in Hagerstown for the last 30 years, and died broke. She is a registered Native American Iowa Indian. Her obituary was in the Hagerstown paper in her full regalia, and she died broke, because she did not receive one dime of health care free because she was Native American. That's just another example of a broken promise that the white man promised the Indians that was never delivered." Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

"I'm just calling to congratulate the (school system) here in Washington County for their decision in not airing Obama's speech. I believe this is one of the best decisions they've made in a long, long time." - Hagerstown

"This is regarding the decision by the superintendent and school (system) not to let the pupils hear the president's speech. How stupid. He is planning to encourage children to stay in school, study hard and go on to college. Are they planning to encourage them to drop out, don't study and never go on to higher education?" - Hagerstown


"Does anyone know what's being constructed at the corner of Rench Road and Downsville Pike?" - Hagerstown

"I'm reading Mail Call, and I see several more people parroting the same old lines. They say that if the health care program is so great, why don't the congressmen switch to it? Well, how can they do that, when no bill has yet been finalized or passed by both houses of Congress?" - Hagerstown

"I do not understand what people do not get when told, 'If you have a health care plan, you can keep it, and if you don't, you will be covered under the health care reform plan.' Now, Medicare is a government-run program that everyone over 65 has and is government-run. Do any of you enjoy Medicare and veterans' benefits? Well, that is government-run." - Hagerstown

"To the caller in Hagerstown on Sunday's paper and many others: For the ones receiving Social Security, they are not self-centered, tight-fisted people that want everything. They worked hard all their life, and unfortunately we didn't make the money that the younger people have made in the years to come. And I'd like to see them live on six or eight hundred dollars a month, run a car, have your phone bill, your light bill, your heat, your food, your insurances, your rent." - Hagerstown

"Unbelievable, the hoopla over President Obama's speech to the schools. I by no means voted for him, but he is our president. Stop picking apart every single thing he does, and say a prayer for our nation instead." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I'm calling, you see the advertisements on TV about looking out for motorcycles on two wheels and all this, to be a careful driver. I do that, but as my daughter (and I) were traveling from the Kmart area across into the mall area, a motorcycle was in the turn lane and decided to come on up by us, cut in front of us and continue on straight. When we did stop, we ended up stopping at the same place, and I asked the driver if they knew they were in a turn lane, and they said, 'Yeah, we didn't hurt you, did we?' So I said, 'Yeah, you could have killed somebody the way you were driving.' And then they said, 'Well, we can kill you.' And that was the end of it. So why should we watch out for people on two wheels?" - Hagerstown

"With all these cuts, not just here in Maryland, but all over the U.S., has anyone taken a close look at the money in college sports? I'm not talking about the smaller sports, I'm talking about football. Some of the salaries of college football coaches, and the money - it's just ridiculous. I know the money isn't tax dollars, but from what I understand, most of the money comes from alumni, which of course results in perks, but I think somebody should be looking at where this money's actually going, and for what." - Hagerstown

"To the parents who are complaining about congestion at a lot of the schools: Well, if your children would ride the school buses, your cars wouldn't be in that mess. So come on, parents, let them ride their bus to school. You all take your cars someplace else." - Hagerstown

"This is on the budget cuts. I see in Tuesday morning's paper where one was in there about they got $750 from the stimulus package, but then the city and county here in Hagerstown, which is Hagerstown City and the Washington County Commissioners, all they do is keep raising. They got the money to spend, but then your property taxes went up, way up, your water and sewer is going up, everything else is going up, too, so when's the county and the city gonna know to make cuts, too, like the state is?" - Hagerstown

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