What Do You Think?

September 10, 2009

Editor's note: The Herald-Mail invites readers to answer poll questions on Readers also may submit comments when voting. A sampling of edited reader comments will run on The Herald-Mail's Opinion page on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

The question posted Tuesday on The Herald-Mail's Web site was: Do you think allegations of fraud in Afghanistan's presidential election are true?

o "Fact is, Afghanistan has a better voting system than the U.S. Why? Because voters get their thumbs dyed purple after they vote. Unlike the U.S. voting system corrupted by voter fraud organizations like ACORN, citizens can't vote early, vote often or vote in the name of dead people."

o "Probably. There is voter fraud everywhere, so why not Afghanistan? I'm told that there is even fraud in Chicago. I'm shocked! Shocked!"


o "Afghanistan has no history of free and fair elections. Only people who actually voted had ink-dipped fingers. Made up, manufactured, imaginary voters would have no such ink stains. There is no rule of law in Afghanistan as we in the West know it. It is exceedingly unlikely that elections in such an early state of building a democracy would be free of cheating and misconduct."

o "Of course there is fraud. The system was set up by the Bush administration and the Obama administration reinforced it. Our government will not control fraud in our elections. Why would you think we would do it elsewhere?"

o "I'd have to say this is a no-brainer. I think our system needs thumb-scanning voting machines. We have the technology, and this would eliminate most of the fraud that happens in our own elections. Face it, if we're dead, how can ACORN use our thumb to vote?"

o "If the good ol' USA can't control voter fraud and have fair elections, who could honestly think that Afghanistan would? Only 650 major fraud allegations have been filed, along with only 1,500 minor complaints, so it's par for the course."

o "Why are we even worried about another country's election? I mean, is there a reason?"

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