Washington Twp. to seek state help with traffic concern

September 09, 2009|By KATE S. ALEXANDER

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- Washington Township officials will request help from the state Department of Transportation to determine if the township should prohibit motorists from turning left onto the eastern entrance of Eastland Circle.

Local resident Marilyn McCarney circulated a petition in Eastland Hills asking for support for a "No Left Turn" sign on eastbound Pa. 16 just west of Beck's curve.

At least once a month there is an accident on Pa. 16 near the intersection, she claimed.

"The police reports only say a few accidents have happened, but you are taking your life into your hands when you come down the hill," she said. "These accidents happen just beyond the intersection so they don't get counted."

McCarney came before the board of supervisors Wednesday armed with photos of skid marks and detailed plans of the road.

She also carried a petition signed by 78 of her neighbors.

The supervisors gathered around McCarney as she made her case for the sign, some of them agreeing with her concern.


"That is a dangerous intersection," Chairman Carroll Sturm said.

Supervisor Elaine Gladhill questioned where the township could put the sign, noting that it would have to be placed on personal property.

"Our big issue is where do you place the sign?" she asked.

Supervisor Stephen Kulla asked if the residents on Eastland Circle would object to entering the development from either Mickley Avenue or North East Avenue.

"My main goal is to get a light at Northeast Avenue," McCarney said. "The problem starts there."

With no light at Northeast Avenue, motorists cut through Eastland Hills development to reach the light at Mickley Avenue and Second Street to make left turns onto eastbound Pa. 16, she said.

Mickley Avenue should be used only to access Eastland Hills, she said, especially since there are signs prohibiting through traffic in the neighborhood.

Having a light at Northeast Avenue should cut down on the number of motorists cutting through Eastland Hills at the eastbound entrance to reach the major thoroughfares, she said.

Pa. 16 is a state road, Township Manager Mike Christopher said.

He said he will send a letter to PennDOT requesting a traffic study to determine whether a "No Left Turn" sign will mitigate the problem.

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