Letters to the Editor

September 09, 2009

E-mail is not the only way to send letters

To the editor:

In the Aug. 30 letter to the editor about Del. Andrew Serafini's e-mails not being received since April due to technical problems ("Serafini's e-mails weren't received due to technical problems," page A11), Serafini said his office was not even aware of the problem until recently.

But if the senders would have written the letters and sent them through the U.S. mail system, their letters would have been received in a timely fashion.

Not only would this have taken care of the problem, it would also have been helping out the economy.

Emmitt Norcross

Vets' names needed for Funkstown memorial

To the editor:

This letter is to inform the veterans of Funkstown District 10 that the war memorial plaque is incomplete.

The research of the missing names of the veterans who are eligible to be on the honored scroll is being worked on now. To date, we have collected 14 names that should have been on the memorial.


I talked to the Funkstown Town Council on Aug. 10. The town wants to add the missing names, as Vice Mayor Paul Crampton stated. The present plaque cannot have any more names added. We will have to add the names to another plaque.

To all veterans who served in the military during the Korean War (June 25, 1950-Jan. 31, 1955) who resided in Funkstown District 10, please call Jay Everly at 301-797-1522. To all veterans who served in the military during the Vietnam War (Feb. 28, 1961-May 7, 1975) who resided in Funkstown District 10, please call Bill Osborne at 301-991-2039.

We need anyone who lives in Funkstown or the area to call if they know anyone who served in the military during the Korean and Vietnam wars whose name is not on the present plaque in Funkstown.

Our committee of veterans is looking for other veterans or volunteers to come forward and help us with this project.

Please help us get these veterans' names added before they make their final roll call. All of our veterans are getting older and they need the same honor as others who served their country and hometowns.

Bill Osborne
Martinsburg, W.Va.

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