Letters to the Editor

September 05, 2009

Sept. 11 is a time to give thanks and count our blessings

To the editor:

The anniversary of that frightful day is near again - Sept. 11, a time to remember, a time to give thanks and a time to count our blessings.

It just gives me cold chills to think how our lives would be now if those terrible people had taken over our country. We wouldn't have the rights we do, including our right to worship, the freedom of speech or the right to vote. We would have fears every time we walked out our doors. God once again blessed and protected our country.

My heart still breaks for the families who lost loved ones on that day or those days surrounding it. I hope it is a comfort knowing that God sends His angels to escort His children home. How about the military members who have bravely given up their lives for us in Iraq and Afghanistan to keep the terrorists under control and off our soil.


Can you just imagine what it would be like if we had no freedoms, no laws, no police, correctional guards or military personnel to watch out for us? It is time to give them the permission to do what they need to accomplish those things for our sake. A big thank you to them for doing their jobs every day.

Another special day is coming - Sept. 27, Gold Star Mother's Day, for any mothers whose children lost their lives in a war. God bless you all and our veterans - all wars, even if you didn't serve in a war. You were ready in case. As our American Legion Auxiliary motto this year says, "All gave some, some gave all." We thank you.

Let's wear our red, white and blue and fly our flags, especially on Sept. 11, to show everyone America is still strong and the best country around. When other countries need help, who do they come to? Let's stand up for our country and take it back.

Slow down and enjoy this cooler weather, smile and say hi to someone, and enjoy life.

Darlene Hoffman

Does paper have 'sense of fairness and ethical standards'?

To the editor:

This letter is regarding Linda Duffield's editorial column of Sunday, Aug. 30 ("Freedom of speech does not guarantee a platform," page B1).

She writes: "We appreciate written and verbal comments of our readers." In my experience, that does not apply to a reader commenting on The Herald-Mail itself.

"Libel laws and our sense of fairness keep statements we know are not true, or that we cannot prove, out of the paper," she says. Again, in my experience, even if a reader points Herald-Mail editors to a source, they do not retract or otherwise modify something they have printed. It is hard for this reader to understand how The Herald-Mail and its leadership can have a "sense of fairness and ethical standards" for us, but not apply it to their own reporting or commentary.

Duffield states: "The Herald-Mail ... feels a moral obligation to run letters to the editor and op-ed columns, both of which must be signed by the writers ..." She asks: "Does the Second Amendment grant the right to be a sniper, to fire at innocent people from a place of concealment?" Then what is the purpose of "Thumbs up, thumbs down"? And why is The Herald-Mail so fond of "an unnamed source," "unidentified" or "requesting anonymity"? When Bob Maginnis was the Opinion page editor, we knew who was responsible.

Only when The Herald-Mail's editors and publisher stop cutting and pasting Associated Press stories and start to employ some real investigative reporting can we have faith in their "sense of fairness and ethical standards."

Tom Janus

'My Freedom, My Future, My America' speeches are refreshing

To the editor:

I would like to thank The Herald-Mail for publishing the "My Freedom, My Future, My America" speeches by Aubrey Muller and Keith Sandell. These were very well-researched and refreshing speeches, much different from the usual self-serving and emotional letters to the editor we have become accustomed to in The Herald-Mail.

I am sure the remaining speeches will be as well thought out. It gives one hope that there are still parents and educators who foster analytical thinking among our young. Congratulations to both of these young people.

I only wish we could instill your clarity of thought and the understanding of the troubles that lie ahead in those steering the ship of state today toward the disaster you describe.

Thank you again.

George S. Sunday
Chambersburg, Pa.

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