Mail Call

September 05, 2009

"I'm calling about Social Security. I get disability, and yes, I worked for it. I was just complaining about the people that get - the majority of people that get SSI don't deserve it. They never worked and paid into it." - Hagerstown

"Thank for adding David Limbaugh to our opinion page. I so look forward to the truth that he puts out. Sincerely, I do not care for Leonard Pitts because he is so Obama-ridden that it is crazy. I really appreciate the fact that David tells the truth, and also tells it like it is." - Hagerstown

"I've been reading in Mail Call about the state employees and the cutbacks that are going on. I worked, myself, for the state for two years, and in the two years, I seen a lot of leaners and people that didn't do their part of their job. So the supervisors need to weed out the ones that aren't doing their jobs."- Hagerstown


"I think it's wrong for people who are on Social Security disability, when they first file for it, that they have to wait six months to get a check. That is entirely wrong, when immigrants can come over here and get help right away. And I think we deserve a 3 percent increase in Social Security this year due to the expense." - Hagerstown

"Health care reform, public opinion, let's start with an optional government health care program for vets only. Try that for a couple years and see how it works out. I'd be the first to sign up. If you think or believe the insurance company cares about your best interests, you got another thing coming. Why do you think we're ranked 37th in the world?" - Hagerstown

"I agree with the caller from Greencastle that said that if The Herald-Mail doesn't stop printing David Limbaugh's editorial that he's gonna cancel his subscription. Today, I'm sending The Herald-Mail a list of all the people that I don't like whose editorials they run, and if they don't stop running them, every one of them, I'm gonna stop subscribing to the paper." - Shepherdstown, W.Va.

"Beware, we have mail thieves on Mount Tabor Road. Our mail was stolen on Aug. 12 during the night, but it was found along a culvert at Mount Tabor and Resh roads by a neighbor, and he returned it to us on Aug. 30. I want to thank our very kind and considerate neighbor ... for returning the mail to my husband at our front door. See, there are still good and honest folks around." - Washington County

"Remember, most of the Democrats and Republicans in Congress believed on that day that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, even former President Clinton. I believe we should thank the CIA and President Bush - don't matter what you think of him - for keeping us safe from another 9/11. Maybe you ought to ask the families that lost loved ones on that day what they think, what is torture and what is not." - Boonsboro

"I'd like to thank the Maugansville volunteer firemen who came to our house and installed smoke detectors. Both my husband and I are seniors and can no longer do this kind of work, so we feel much safer now thanks to the firemen." - Cearfoss

"I want to thank you for printing David Limbaugh and Charles (Krauthammer's) columns. They at least make sense, and not far-left like these nutty radical Democrats. Thank you again." - Washington County

"Just calling about the columns you're publishing now by David Limbaugh and Charles Krauthammer. It is wonderful to see somebody else now with both sides of everything in our paper. Seems like it's really upsetting a lot of people and that's too bad. It was OK, I guess, just to have Leonard Pitts and Kathleen Parker and all those, but when it comes to getting other views. ... Thank you again." - Hagerstown

"Any increase in Social Security payments is based on the rate of inflation. That is the law. We are now in a recession, and there is no inflation. Therefore, no increase in Social Security payments. It has nothing to do with politics." - Boonsboro

"I applaud your newspaper. I think having columnists write on liberal and conservative views is most important. I read all the columns and I like them. Now, the people want to really read some truth, they should read Michelle Malkin's new book called 'Culture of Corruption.' It talks about conservative and liberal, what has taken place over the last five years." - Clear Spring

"I would like to say it was great to read Tim Rowland's article this morning, 'Lambs on the lam.' He makes my day, just - it's so refreshing to have a nice smile in the morning from your paper instead of all the political propaganda and that." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I'm a Democrat, and I appreciate the fact that the newspaper prints David Limbaugh's opinions in the paper. I don't agree with him most of the time, but I appreciate seeing different people's points of view in things. They all seem to bring up good points. So thank you very much for printing them." - Halfway

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