Mail Call

September 03, 2009

"I am so disappointed that our president would choose to change the 9/11 day of remembrance from Patriots Day to a day of volunteering. Volunteering is great ... but it should be an everyday occurrence, and not meant to demean a day set aside to remember how our country was attacked by extremists, and honor those who were killed and those who volunteered to try to rescue as many as possible. I pray that our nation will still choose to honor Patriots Day, regardless of what government chooses to call it." - Hancock

"How can politicians and public figures heap so much praise on departed senator Ted Kennedy as if he were some kind of hero genuinely interested in the well-being of others, when he left a girl to die in the car he ran off a bridge while under the influence? Had he sought help instead of hiding out, she would have had the opportunity to live a full life as he did. The media coverage depicting him as a stalwart individual sickens me. It's time we elected praiseworthy leaders, instead of those with inflated egos, wealth and connections." - Hagerstown


"This is in response to the caller from Boonsboro that wanted to know why the Obama administration loaning money to Brazil for a oil company there to drill oil offshore in Brazil. The reason for that is George Soros, a big Democratic donor and a big Obama donor, has invested lots of money in that Brazilian oil company and stands to make millions if it does well. A lot of hypocrisy from the left on that issue about oil drilling." - Williamsport

"For the young and young-at-heart, the local Department of Conservation and Natural Resources was accompanied by the one and only, Smokey the Bear. Smokey was happy to oblige those who asked with a hand shake and photograph. Thanks to the Ranger Brian O'Donnell and Smokey (Josh Dorand) for helping to spread the word about outdoor safety and responsibility. Also thanks to the exciting fly-in by STAT 12 MedEvac helicopter out of Hagerstown." - Washington County

"I would just like to know what are the landlords' responsibilities when bedbugs are found in different apartments in an apartment building. The health department has said one thing, but they don't do it. What is our recourse that they follow proper procedures?" - Hagerstown

"I was just watching CNN, and they was talking about where the government gave over 4,000 prisoners the stimulus package of $250. I don't see where that is fair, when ... they should think about the people in January on Social Security, for their raise, instead of thinking of the prisoners." - Hagerstown

"Today, Wednesday, Aug. 26, I called to set up an appointment with my doctor to get my annual yearly flu shot. I also inquired about getting H1N1 swine flu shot. I was told by his office that the government is buying up all of the vaccine to give to the ... students for their shots. ... Does anyone have any more information about this?" - Hagerstown

"They idolized Ted Kennedy for health care. He let that woman drown, and you're gonna trust this man to run the health care system, or approve of it?" - Hagerstown

"I was just wondering, since we're not gonna get a raise in Social Security, are we still gonna have to continue paying the freeloaders' light bills, their Medicare, their medical bills, or are they just gonna get a big stimulus package like they got before when they didn't deserve one? I think that everybody should be made to pay their own, and then that way it would be even." - Dargan

"I'm reading Leonard Pitts' column, and it's great as usual. And like he said about Michael Jackson, what's - to make a long story short, he said Michael Jackson's tragedy was he died from an overdose of 'yes.' And I think that was very well-put, because no one would tell him no. If they had told him no, he'd still be alive." - Hagerstown

"To the person or persons who called 911 recently: After having an accident on a motorcycle when a deer darted out in front of me, I was thrown to the ground. Thank you, thank you for calling 911. I was very lucky; had no broken bones or serious injuries. I know there was a guardian angel looking over me. Many thanks again for calling the ambulance." - Boonsboro

"I'm a senior citizen, and I think because I'm not getting a COLA increase this year of any kind for the next couple years, I think every politician in the USA, regardless if it's an Independent, Republican or a Democrat, should not get a raise of any kind. And they already get 120 times the amount of money that I do, and I can't understand why they can't live on that. But they should not get a raise of any kind until I get a raise on my Social Security." - Hagerstown

"Arnold Platou writes well-researched and informative articles on our local economy. Keep up the good work, and keep us informed." - Hagerstown

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