Homewood resident celebrates 105th birthday

September 02, 2009|By MARLO BARNHART

WILLIAMSPORT -- If there is a secret to living to be 105 years old, Dorothy "Dot" Carlisle is keeping it to herself.

At least that's what she told everyone Wednesday at her birthday party at Homewood at Williamsport.

"I have lived here for 20 years ... 20 happy years," Dot said. "New friends and true friends are here, and I hope all of you find as much comfort as I have."

Aided only by a walker, Dot entered the festive community room where cake, ice cream and punch awaited. More than 50 residents and staff attended the party for the woman born Sept. 6, 1904, in Somerville, Mass.

Balloons honoring her longevity were brought in by a representative of the Town of Williamsport during the party. A basket for cards at the doorway was nearly overflowing.


"It doesn't happen very often at Homewood," said Holly Trostle of Homewood's marketing department. "Dot, we are all your family and friends here."

The traditional singing of "Happy Birthday" was followed by Dot blowing out the candles on her cake.

"Dot is my neighbor, and she is up and down that hall all day with her walker," Homewood resident Clara Moore said.

Resident Bill Martin said he always tells Dot to "keep on truckin," and to that theme, he presented her with a Matchbox pickup truck.

"It says happy birthday on it," Bill told her.

Chaplain John Cozzoli said Dot is always the first one at Bible study every week.

"She sits right next to me, speaks her mind and never minces words," he said.

Resident Nada Bentley told Dot she loved her, before her emotions caught up with her. Bentley said Dot's attitude is what has kept her going.

"Dot, you are a role model for aging gracefully," Anne Whitman of the marketing department said.

Over the years, Dot worked at a number of jobs in Washington County. She served as interim director for the Commission on Aging before retiring in 1971.

After her first husband died in 1949, she married Ned Carlisle in 1952. He died in 1995, just shy of his 100th birthday.

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