FB Preview -- Graduation thins Boonsboro's depth

September 02, 2009|By BOB PARASILITI/

Gravity struck Boonsboro this season.

The Warriors were top heavy to start the 2008 season.

In 2009, Boonsboro looks like it went on a Nutrisystem plan. ... The Warriors are thin.

"Last year we had three quarterbacks to choose from," said Boonsboro coach Clayton Anders. "Now we only have one for sure. We have to hope. He can't get hurt."

Graduation has taken much of that comfortable "fat" off Boonsboro's frame. The Warriors are so thin in some places, they have paper cuts.

"Last year we had an all-league tight end (Sean Colgan) and wide receiver (Seth Poffenberger). Now we don't have one in the system," Anders said. "We are going to have to rotate guns at wideout and tight end to find one."


It is even more critical for Boonsboro's wing-T offense, which is predicated on the running game. The Warriors have two halfbacks to employ, but they are missing a fullback to gain tough yards and do the lead blocking.

"We are still looking for a fullback," Anders said. "We don't have one on the varsity."

Boonsboro has 32 players on the varsity, up two from last year's Class 1A West playoff team. But there is a major ingredient missing.


"Some of the players should probably be JVs this year," Anders said. "But we can't release them. We need them for practice."

Golden boys

The 2009 Boonsboro football team will be the 50th edition of the Warriors.

Boonsboro is working on a number of ways to commemorate the occasion.

Former Boonsboro teacher Dottie Piccolomini is working on tracing the history of the program.

Warriors athletic director Mark Wadel said there will be a number of events sponsored throughout the season to mark the golden anniversary.

There are plans for a junior football day, along with pregame rally for the home opener. There will also be a sponsors' day for advertisers at the football complex and a reunion of the 1993 state championship team.

Health is important

Boonsboro might have a tough time clapping for the Warriors this season.

It's tough to make noise when you have your fingers crossed.

Because of the huge turnover this season, health will be as important as experience in determinating Boonsboro's fortunes.

Only Andy Sigler has quarterback experience, although it is on the junior varsity level. There is no clear cut backup as of the second week of practice. The experience, or lack there of, in the receiving, defensive backs and linebackers is prevalent.

And Boonsboro needs to find a fullback.

"The schedule is tougher this year," Anders said. "We have to stay healthy. We will have a lot of kids playing both ways. We lose a couple of kids and it will change things dramatically."

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