Mail Call

September 01, 2009

"Adding a far-right ideologue like David Limbaugh to your editorial stable is a clear indication that you care more about the tin foil hatters and the conspiracy theorists that read your paper than the idea of fair, objective and responsible journalism for one and all. But when The Herald-Mail begins to run full-page propaganda designed to incite the lunatic fringe of paranoid extremists among your gullible readership, it is time for me and all those who cannot stomach this blatant radicalization of the daily paper to cancel their subscription." - Greencastle, Pa.

"It amazes me that you see more deputy sheriffs in Hagerstown than you do on county roads, especially at night. I wonder if the sheriff knows that there's crime out in the county, not just the Dual Highway." - Hagerstown

"I got a call from Congressman Bartlett last night, to be in some kind of telephonic town hall. I was really annoyed by that. I'm a Republican, but I don't ever remember seeing him, except around election time. If Cardin can come out to Hagerstown, why can't our own congressman come out here, instead of calling me on the phone?" - Hagerstown


"I don't know where the people from Waynesboro get their information, but both my wife and I pay $100 a month for Medicare, not for a couple. And as far as thanking someone for having a job, I don't remember anyone ever thanking me for the 50 years that I put in. I thought it was an obligation." - Williamsport

"Why are people so critical of Michael Vick and the dogfighting, when they will go to a boxing match and see two human beings beat each other to a pulp, bloody their eyes, bust their mouth, give some of them strokes? But yet they're on Michael Vick for the dogs." - Hagerstown

"Gov. O'Malley is having furlough days to save money. I'd like to know, though, does he take furlough days?" - Hagerstown

"In reference to A6 in the newspaper of Aug. 26, post office offers $15,000 for buyouts to 30,000 employees - can save them $500 million over the next two years. Don't they get it? Lay people off. Tell them to retire. Give me a break. You just give a guy a million two to retire from the post office. Also, if you need to close post offices, cut the mail. ... What's wrong with the management of the post office and the federal government?" - Leitersburg

"Listen, Waynesboro, the people who are - most of the people on Medicare have paid for it their whole working lives - that and Social Security. You are not paying their Medicare. They paid for it their own working lives. ... The reason, if you are paying for it now, it's because it's been so mismanaged by the government that they're behind and overloaded. But these older people, they paid their way. Now when they need it, they should get it." - Hagerstown

"I've been getting your fine paper for decades. It's always been fair and balanced. But here ever since Obama has become president, I've noticed a change in your paper. You're having more and more columns by Republicans. Notice I didn't say conservatives, I said Republicans. ... I voted for Republicans over the past, and Democrats. ... I feel it's very disheartening to see Limbaugh and this other joker, because they're not saying anything constructive." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"It would be nice if the City of Hagerstown would have a spokesperson who could speak to be heard when discussing the comprehensive city plan. At a time when the city is downzoning over 200 properties, people need to know. People have paid property taxes for years, and now the city wants to tell them what to do. Property owners are being hurt. It seems to be a different zoning." - Hagerstown

"You can have my overpriced, treatment-blocking private insurance plan when you pry it from my cold, dead hands - which if the insurance adjusters have anything to do with it, won't be very long." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in reference to Michael Vick spending the rest of his life in jail. Was it wrong of him to have dog fights? Yes, definitely, but should he be in jail forever? No. I love animals and don't like to see them mistreated, either, but I see child abusers, rapists and even sometimes murderers not get life sentences for their crimes. Vick spent his time in jail. Now he has a mentor in Tony Dungy, who is a good Christian, and who I hope he will learn from, and also, treat animals and people from now on with respect." - Hagerstown

"Has it come to anybody's attention that while they are closing the Sideling Hill visitors center, millions of dollars are being spent to renovate and completely redo the visitors center at the Washington County/Frederick County line? Guess we know where the money for that came from." - Clear Spring area

"The VA's socialized health care is the biggest bureaucracy in our nation. This paper is not large enough to print all the complaints at the VA. Are you in the program? Have you read the health bill? Socialism is not the American way." - Hagerstown

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