Letters to the editor

August 29, 2009

Limbaugh's health care columns misinform the public

To the editor:

In the last several weeks, I have noticed The Herald-Mail now includes a column by David Limbaugh. This is nothing more than a slightly milder version of radio talk show entertainer Rush Limbaugh, David's brother.

I called The Herald-Mail to ask and was verified that the Herald-Mail pays for this syndicated column to appear in the newspaper. Limbaugh's column attempts to confuse and frighten readers through misinformation. This has been especially apparent reading Limbaugh's column pertaining to the impending health care bills.

I would advise readers to go online and read the health care bill for themselves and make an informed decision instead of relying on the misguided trash you read in columns like David Limbaugh's.


Use this link - - then search by word/phrase and type in "America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, or search by bill number and type in "HR 3200." There, you can read for yourself all the text of the bill, the status, what committees it is in, what actions taken, a list of co-sponsors or just read the executive summary. All the information is there for you to read for yourself.

No matter what political party you belong to or if you are in favor or against a bill to reform health care, make a decision based on facts that you researched yourself instead of relying on some pundit's column, or hear on the radio, or get from a sound bite on a cable news channel where it seems you never get the truth. Base your decisions on facts and then contact your congressional representatives with your decision.

I am so disappointed in The Herald-Mail participating in this attempt to misinform the public and was surprised to learn that our subscription money is paying for this.

Having said that, The Herald-Mail must now consider my subscription canceled as of the date/time you receive this. Have your carrier remove the blue tube from the end of my driveway, and send me a refund for the remainder of my subscription days. I will not have my subscription money going toward paying for lies and deception.

Bobbie Martin

Serafini's e-mails weren't received due to technical problems

To the editor:

Recently, individuals have contacted my district office because they had not received a response to e-mails sent to my legislative e-mail address (

Unfortunately, due to technical problems in Annapolis, e-mails were not received from early April until just recently. Even more discouraging is the fact we were not aware of the problem.

Working for our constituents is very important to my legislative aide, Wanda McGurl, and me.

If you have sent an e-mail during this time, please either resend a copy to or call 301-223-8030. Please know we are committed to assisting in any way possible and would welcome the opportunity.

The district office is open from Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is located in the Williamsport Town Hall building.

Andrew Serafini
Delegate, Subdistrict 2A

Deaths of young Boonsboro residents hit close to home

To the editor:

Boonsboro is under siege. In the past few years, we have lost an inordinate number of young adults. Disease, accidents, mystery, poor decisions and despondency have taken nearly a dozen lives between the ages of 16 and 19, all graduates or students of our high school.

I did not know all of these individuals; however, I mourn them all. Each life is unique, and although the manner of death varies, none is less devastating to family and friends.

Compounding the grief in our little town is the speculation, innuendo and gossip that surround an unexpected death. Dozens of versions of the same sad story circulate. I wish I could say I am above the fray. Why do we feel the need to wonder and whisper? Perhaps we are lulled into the sense that we are somehow protected by the knowledge of hows and whys, therefore preventing this from happening too close to home.

The fact of the matter is these young people are all close to home as members of our community, our sports teams, our churches and our neighborhoods.

Kristy Smith

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