Mail Call

August 29, 2009

"I wrote the original letter about the guy that crashed a scooter in front of my house, and we need stricter laws and helmet laws. Now, I see where a guy was hurt on Massey Boulevard, severe head injuries, 51 years old. When's this thing gonna change?" - Hagerstown

"My wife and two daughters just returned from a three-day vacation. We went to our third choice spot. We stayed five miles west of Deep Creek Lake for just $69 a night. But we had fun as a family. Couldn't stay along the lake because of the price. Our second choice was Camp David, but it was occupied this past week and so we couldn't go there. Our first choice was Martha's Vineyard, at a private location, but the $35,000 for the week was just a little high. With no increase in Social Security for the next two years, I guess we will just stay home and watch the grass grow." - Clear Spring


"As a fairly well-educated, intelligent member of this community, I appreciate being able to read Leonard Pitts, if only because he is not full of rabble-rousing, hateful ranting, such as David Limbaugh. Thank you, Mr. League, for having some balance to Mr. David Limbaugh." - Hagerstown

"I want to thank the stimulus package the Obama administration had put out and the Wolfe paving company for the fantastic job they're doing out here in the Halfway area, around the Lincolnshire school, especially. I know there's no way the county could afford to do that, so it had to come from the stimulus package, and they won't get no credit for it, but they are doing a beautiful job. They're not patching it, they're doing it. So I want to thank the Obama stimulus package, and especially the Wolfe paving company, are doing a fantastic job." - Hagerstown

"Come on, Antietam Moose, what is wrong with you? It doesn't seem like you can find a home. You should have stayed in Funkstown." - Funkstown

"Our Social Security is going to take more out of our check for Medicare. Is this true? If this is true, this is outrageous. We won't get a raise, but they're gonna take more money out of our check? How are we going to live?" - Boonsboro

"I see in the paper that we are lending Brazil money to drill for oil off shore. Does that mean that we are borrowing the money from China for 20 percent, and then lending the money to Brazil for 5 percent? Nice deal for Brazil. Bad deal for American taxpayers." - Clear Spring

"Yeah, I'd just like to once go out my door where I live at and just go away somewhere without people acting as though they own me and gotta know my business. I mean, anyway, I feel it's my business in life if I choose to call in to Mail Call." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I would like to express my appreciation to the editor of The Herald-Mail for publishing both Leonard Pitts' and David Limbaugh's columns. There are those who would have you publish only those columnists with which they agree. They believe the rest should roll over, play dead and get out of the way. I try to be well-informed on both sides of the issue. I believe this is the right thing to do." - Hagerstown

"I'm a senior citizen, and this is regarding the Social Security increase that we will not be getting this year. I think it's odd that we can have clunkers paid for. Now, we're doing refrigerators and stove and electrical appliances, but no increase for senior citizens that we all have paid into for all our working days. Somebody's got their priorities in the wrong place." - Hagerstown

"Pangborn Park looks just beautiful, and offers so much. And with the adjoining walking path to Fairgrounds Park and the new trail between the two, we are very lucky to have such fantastic parks at our disposal." - Hagerstown

"You know, people, we go to work if we have a job, pay taxes, but our leaders, with their greed and wasteful spending, have made the U.S. how it is today. It's not our fault, it's our leaders'. And here is just one example out of a thousand. In Florida, they are building a tunnel that is going to cost $3.4 million in taxpayer money. This is not a joke: It is for turtles. Here we have food banks empty, and this is what our leaders are spending money on. Not thinking of us at all - until election time." - Clear Spring

"I was a Democrat all my life, since 1950. Now, they want to turn around and not give us a raise, up the Medicare and then our insurance is gonna - won't take care of everything we should have. I'm an 81-year-old man, World War II veteran. I tell you one thing, I will never vote a Democrat again. They better get them out down there." - Hagerstown

"I was reading in Tuesday's paper about the state and the furloughs that they're going to have. Unfortunately, it's happening in - if you read the paper - West Virginia and Pennsylvania. I feel with the state, Maryland state employees - and I was a former employee of the state - that they're not getting the complete time that there's a lot of time that they goof off ... I think that they need to investigate this a little bit further and get rid of the dead wood." - Hagerstown

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