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August 28, 2009
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Medicare is for the elderly or disabled, Medicaid is for low income persons (based on income levels). No where in the PLAN does it say this will be given to illegals-this is for AMERICANS. But illegals do go to the hospitals and have to get treated. Did you hear about the hospital in Florida that had a patient for over 2 years in a coma but received no money because he was from another country with no insurance. Who is paying for that? Yes- I have seen working people come to the ER with no insurance but yet they are driving an Escalade- why no insurance? they do not have money left after paying the care payment. Do they pay the hospital bill? No. This reform will make them have coverage that will pay for the care they currently pay nothing for. The PLAN calls for the Employer with no insurance to pay 8% of their employees wages to the plan to cover the persons. The Plan also calls for the employer to pay 8% if one of their employees chooses not to take the insurance offered but take the national plan.

  • hdenof said...
    8:38am, Thursday Aug 13

    The Herald Mail headline says it all! "More left out of health care forum than let in." When will these politicians get it? They serve the people! The arrogance on a one hour dog and pony show on this subject is just a slap in the face to the voters. I hope "We The People" put a new face on congress next year because this president and congress are simply just not listening to us! We don't want more government control in our lives! GOT IT!

  • pbw07122003 said...
    8:42am, Thursday Aug 13

    I pulled the complete bill. Then changed the font and margins to condense it.

    Do you all know about CHIP-Children's Health Insurance Plan that is available for children whose parents do not have insurance for them but they are working class so they are not "low income" and can not get Medicaid. But this still leaves the Parents without insurance- stuck because they are not low income but do not have insurance available to them. A family plan could cost $500 or more a month. Would you be able to pay that? Research all the facts that go behind this bill. It is NOT intended to change the plans you all have and love or hate but to get insurance for the working class with no insurance. think about it- the low income, disabled, or retired can get insurance but not ALL the working folks. Everyone needs to take a chill pill and get the facts.

  • barnone said...
    9:07am, Thursday Aug 13

    To notebanker, who claims we are treated like we are stupid because we are is typical of the supporters of this administration. Your arragance is showing. For your info I am neither stupid or republican. I am an American who was content with my health care. I am now a layed off American like many others who lost their jobs this year. Its not just about health care, its about freedom.People who have worked all their lives, lived within their means,fought for their country, who's ancestors have fought for this freedom are now seeing all of it taken away. It took over 230 years to gain what we have only to watch it all disappear in a matter of months. People on welfare are living better now than most of us so called stupid, working middle class Americans.

  • goslo said...
    9:57am, Thursday Aug 13

    I'd have liked to walk through the parking lot to see where these people drove from, for I can't see 1,000 people from this area turning out for such a meeting and I saw an unusually large number of McCain/Palin sticker-ed vehicles with Va plates headed south on 81 yesterday evening. Local grass-roots effort...I'm not so sure. Also amazed how some are declaring "the people" will vote for change next what? More Rep fascism? The only difference between that and socialism is it "appears" certain corporations rule along side government. In the end it's rule by the elite, the more highly evolved, and that was the purpose for selling the masses on democratic republics initially, to give those that felt themselves better "qualified" an in-road to government, which was an impossibility under a monarchy. These two groups, Dem and Rep are one and the same, with the same world view. It's only at the bottom of the pyramid the opposing ends can be mistaken for separate buildings.

  • notlaffen said...
    10:11am, Thursday Aug 13

    The timeline for the "Health Care Act" does seem to be a little compressed compared with the timeline for the original Social Security Act.For FACTS about the Social Security Act timeline please google 1935 Social Security Act vote tallies.FYI it was introduced in January, the House version was passed in April (372 for-33 against), the Senate version was passed in June (77 for-6 against), the final bill was passed in August (voice votes in both chambers), and it was signed into law on August 14, 1935.The vast majority of Democrats and the vast majority of Republicans voted in favor of the act.

  • notlaffen said...
    11:21am, Thursday Aug 13
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