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August 28, 2009
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The system we now have results in really lousy health care for the poor of all ages.I am not concerned about "killing Grandma" under a new system because that is bunk.I am concerned about the the results of the lack of health care for the poor.And I am also concerned about the CEO of United Health Care, the company that provides the AARP Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance, "earning $105,000 every hour for 8 hours every day for 5 days every week for 52 weeks every year."I KNOW that he has not EARNED this much pay.Maybe some of you would not give a second thought to ignoring a sick family standing on the sidewalk in front of your house but some people do care.So perhaps you can be civil and provide some constructive criticism instead of just saying "No."Now I think I know why some members of Congress say no-they get "campaign contributions." But why do the rest of the yahoos just say "No."Could it be that they don't have any constructive criticism or are they puppets on a string?

  • notlaffen said...
    7:12pm, Wednesday Aug 12

    Until now, no comments above address the health care systems in other industrialized countries.I happen to believe that our health care system is not "world-class."Health statistics bear me out.I know that this FACT is hard for some to believe but do your own research, if you can, and come to the same conclusions that all intelligent people have come to.Our health care system deserves a failing grade and it needs reform.Now neither you nor I are going to influence this debate and/or eventual vote but I just want to thank the few intelligent people in this area that favor health care reform.The GI Bill, one of the three best social programs this country has ever had, passed by one vote.Medicare was opposed by many in Congress and in the country.Social Security was before my time but maybe some of you could tell me how strong the opposition was to that program.But please carry on your rantings and ravings and I am POSITIVE that the local politicians would rather have you shout at others than shout at them.

  • local said...
    7:28pm, Wednesday Aug 12

    Informed26, that was some pretty interesting fiction you have there. Since when did it become the government's responsibility to take care of us? Is that what the founding fathers wanted, a welfare society? I have my doubts. Have you have noticed that the more power a government has the less freedom its people enjoy? Yes the health care system is not working well, but does throwing more government at it have a track record of fixing anything? I too doubt social security to be around when/if I get to retire and am planning accordingly. As for those who are crying "government help me", it's probably not the same crowd that's against this legislation. And if Obama is trying to "help this country", why isn't he attacking tort or the fact that pharmaceuticals are in the business of keeping people sick? Those are the biggest drains on the system (besides bureaucracy.) Instead, he's going to increase our already massive debt, decrease our freedoms, and LOWER the quality of care provided in America.

  • Conservative said...
    7:34pm, Wednesday Aug 12

    The 11 year old's point was it was his believe that his grandfather would not get the care needed since he was old and was not going to be able to contribute to society as long as his father could. He did an outstanding job and his question was not in support of the current plan but against it.

  • Informed26 said...
    7:51pm, Wednesday Aug 12

    Paranoia is the word this season folks. It seems that so many people have the strange idea that we are living in communist Russia. Actually, it is the governments resposibilty to make sure it's people are taken care of. Thats why we have this system of elected officials to speak for us. I said nothing of a "welfare society". Don't take my words out of context. And apparently there are many of us that are tired of being swindled by insurance companies or tired of not being able to pay for insurance and praying everyday that nothing bad happens to them. We finally have a president willing to fix our problems and you're throwing stones at him. Who else do you propose is going to fixed this botched health care system. All of you nay-sayers aren't. You're just willing to sit around and take it. Our fore-fathers did dream of a better society. And if you remember, their ideas we not at all very popular either. All and all, we need to come together and come to a resolution so every working American has health care.

  • MDayzim said...
    9:03pm, Wednesday Aug 12
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