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August 28, 2009
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I challenge anybody to give me 1 instance of anything the government has ever meddled in which didn't end up worse than it was before.... U.S. Postal Service? Sucks. GM? Too early to tell, but my gut says SUCKS.

It's time to stop giving big brother control of everything!!!!

Yes, we cannot bad mouth the SOCIALISTS and their left wing agenda, but PELOSI can call me a RADICAL SWASTIKA (sp?) waving MOBSTER.

  • bakerb said...
    5:01pm, Wednesday Aug 12

    rvpdeb - I wasn't there, but sure do wish I could have been. I cannot verify you claim of the Herald Mail only reporting 1 side of the story nor you claims of the Hitler posters. However, if the Herald Mail did only report 1 side of the story, isn't this kind of like the crap that MSNBC, CNN, CBS & NBC have been feeding the American Citizens over the past (oh I don't know) 8+ years to discredit the guy who was in office then? Sucks to be on the other side of the fence don't it? But I will say this, Republican... Democrat... Independent... Martian... who ever gets elected President, it's gotta be the toughest job in the world because EVERYBODY is out to smear you.

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  • bullwinkle628 said...
    5:54pm, Wednesday Aug 12

    I would like to comment that there is a lot of fear,most irrational fear of socialism in healthcare. the fear is the unknown. The real issue is there has not been a national discussion on health care, what system we want to have, who should run it( private sector, govt, or combination - like we have now with Medicare/Medicaid/private insurance), who pays and how much, and what care should be provided. I think we also need to reform malpractice and tort laws, but that is not the real issue. THe real issue is that health care has changed in the last 30-40 years from a insurance non-profit ( like BC/BS used to be) to a for-profit system. This has not worked out very well, and I favor all people over 65 be in Medicare ( a govt run system) all poor people be enrolled in Medicaid, and a combination of a BC/BS option and a govt run health program. Alternatively, than cancel all govt medical programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, and let people negotiate the price for all medical services, and work out payments.

  • local said...
    5:55pm, Wednesday Aug 12

    NoteBanker, where are you getting your info? Didn't Barney Frank with the help of Fannie & Freddie cause this whole mess? It was groups like acorn that threatened lending institutions with lawsuits if they didn't hand out high risk loans. The housing bubble is what caused the mess we're in now and it had nothing to do with the republicans (although they are far from innocent in the spending habits) As for other countries health care, I have been all over the world and there is no place I'd rather go for medical care than the U.S. Why is it people come from all over the world to America for treatment? Perhaps because they have to wait in a year long line to get it in their home country? And how are we to believe Obama when he's touting that he doesn't support a "single payer system" and there are video clips of him saying that he does?! So which is more stupid, believing an obvious and blatant lie, or calling him on his deceit?

  • local said...
    5:57pm, Wednesday Aug 12

    Why doesn't this health care bill even touch TORT reform? If you reformed that you could probably save 20% in medical costs. Do those who support this plan know much about it other than "Obama says it's good, so it must be"? Well, would Obama lie? How many campaign promises has he already broken? (So far 7) I watched him on an ABC interview say that the lawmakers could "take their time" with the health care plan over the August break and he wasn't trying to "rush it". Bull! He tried like crazy to ram this bill through congress before anyone even had the chance to see what it said! Warren Buffet once said "don't ever invest in something you don't understand." My question is, how many of those who support this legislation REMOTELY understand it? How many people who support this legislation know that Obama's top Science adviser John P. Holdren wrote a book supporting eugenics and population control? Obama himself said, "If you want to know who I am, take a look at those around me."

  • bullwinkle628 said...
    6:08pm, Wednesday Aug 12
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