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August 28, 2009
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to MRZATA healthcare is not a basic human right, that is ridiculous. You have a right to save your hard earned dollars and to choose to see a physician and pay him for his services to treat you, but nobody is obligated to pay for YOUR healthcare. If you CHOOSE to purchase healthcare insurance coverage, that is your CHOICE, nobody forces you to do that. All insurance is a gamble. What happens when you file numerous homeowners claims, your premiums go up! What happens if you have numerous traffic tickets or auto accidents, your premiums go up! It is no different for healthcare insurance. Healthcare insurance has been abused by the people, that is why it has become so expensive. Stop running to the physician everytime you have a sniffle and demanding antibiotics for a virus. Health insurance was designed for catastropic events like an unexpected hospitlication or surgery. Health insurance companies are no different than any other of course they are going to try to make a profit!

  • patriot1 said...
    7:56am, Friday Aug 14

    A previous commentor said:

    "No Health Care Problem?? you must have insurance so for you it is not a problem but what about those thousands who do not have it because they only work part time, the employer does not offer it, they can not afford the employee portion,they make too much for Medicaid". My answer is, work full time! I would much rather work part-time, but I work full time specifically to have the ability to purchase health insurance. I also work a part-time job in addition to my full time job. Having the luxury, yes I said luxury of working part-time is not an option if you need health insurance. Working hard is the only thing that gets you what you need. You can't expect to work only half the time and enjoy the same benefits as those who work full time + some. Get real. It used to be that American's would be ashamed to accept a hand out now it is almost as if we that work hard should be ashamed if we don't take a hand out.

  • local said...
    9:31am, Friday Aug 14

    MRZATA, how many other "developed" countries have you been to??? I've been all over the world including England and there's no place I'd rather see a doctor than the good ole U.S. of A! Why is it that in these countries with socialized medicine the cancer and heart disease (just to name two) death rates are considerably higher? Why is it that they wait in line for many months if not years to get basic treatments??? Is that what you call better??? And why do you think the insurance companies rates are so high, umm could it be because of lawsuits asking for 20million in compensation for a simple mistake??? The reason that tort reform isn't in this current legislation is because tort lawyers like Jonathan Edwards OWN the Democratic party. They would basically be putting a salary cap on themselves... What ever did our country do before medicare I ask??? (weren't in near as much debt that's for sure!)

  • pbw07122003 said...
    9:48am, Friday Aug 14

    To Patriot1-you are lucky you are an able bodied male who can work 2 jobs,some can not.take a single mother who does not have the father around to support the children,she may not be able to work full time and then pay for childcare(yes there are resources to help),what about the young adults without skills,also not all employers offer health insurance even if someone does work fulltime-I know you will come up with many more reasons why they could or should do it but the reality is there are many without health insurance and that needs to change. But for the grace of God goes thankful for what you have but not knock down those who have not.

  • notlaffen said...
    9:53am, Friday Aug 14

    Health care reform debate!!My guess is that Senators Mikulski and Cardin will support a Senate Health Care Reform bill.Representative Bartlett will vote against a House Health Care reform bill but the House bill will pass anyway.If that happens, all you folks who went to the meeting or stood outside or read the proposed bills or wrote to this "shoutout" (including me) just wasted a whole lot of your lives.I said it before and I'll say it again, focus your energy on the local politicians and the BOE members--they are also politicians but they pretend otherwise--and just maybe you might accomplish something worthwhile.

  • breezie said...
    10:17am, Friday Aug 14

    If the cost wouldm't have sky rocket to were people can't afford it. We wouldn't be having this discussion. The cost is the problem, you have drug company's, insurance company's making huge profits.

  • breezie said...
    10:29am, Friday Aug 14
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