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August 28, 2009

Editor's note: This is an archived list of Shoutbox posts about the health car reform debate and U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin's town hall meeting.

  • admin said...
    8:22pm, Tuesday Aug 11

    Please post your comments related to the health care reform debate and U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin's town hall meeting here. Some comments may be published in The Herald-Mail and affiliated outlets.

  • heyceeo said...
    8:39am, Wednesday Aug 12

    There is no real healthcare dilema in the United States. Government can not and should not try to run everything. Our founding fathers warned us of this happening.The founding fathers were good hard working men that worked hard all their lives and were elected by their peers for the works they did and the wisdom they showed. Nowadays politicians grow up practicing politics and never really have to work or solve real life issues on their own and they get the impression they are "smarter" than the average man.Thomas Jefferson said "a Government big enough to give you everything you need is big enough to take away all you have".

  • Van said...
    8:54am, Wednesday Aug 12

    Our current system does need reform. But putting the gov't in charge is not the answer--waste, mediocrity, and red tape will not improve health care. The gov't isn't the answer. The solution is to build on existing systems. Gov't funded health savings accounts are a truly viable option for the uninsured. With an HSA, anyone can have access to the best health care in the world--Ours. And, if managed wisely these accounts can even make money. Imagine that!

  • heyceeo said...
    9:39am, Wednesday Aug 12

    Thats just it, I do not think EVERYBODY should have access to our healthcare system if they do not legally CONTRIBUTE to the system. There is medical help available to any citizen that needs it now. The Government should stay out of this the way they should have stayed out of the auto business.

  • jak said...
    11:30am, Wednesday Aug 12

    I am worried that the elderly (which my husband and I are) will be deemed useless and will not be able to get medical attention. Obama has indicated that we are expendible as are the new born and the unborn. The only people that will get the attention in medical services will be the 6-40. I do not like the tactics that are being used in getting this health care through. As a citizen said, "Obama took longer to pick out a dog for his family". Something is wrong when the government controls our lives. Please help us. Thank you.

  • barnone said...
    12:39pm, Wednesday Aug 12

    Stop treating us like we are to stupid to make our own decisions. We were doing just fine running our own lives. Since this administration took over, he is in a tail spin hurry to change everything this country has been built on and our forefathers shed blood for. From stimulus,to bailout, to cash for clunkers, now this. Responsible, hard working Americans know how to and have been sucessful at taking charge of their own lives. Now you want those same people to give up what they have acheived so you can share it with people who never gave a squat about their own future. You say you won't cover illegals but you haven't reminded people that at the end of the year comes your immigrant reform bill! You want us to pay for abortions that most of don't think is morally right. Stop trying to steal our freedoms and our hard earned money and if the water is good enough for us to drink then it should also be good enough for our so called representatives to drink. We the people are the govn. Don't forget that.

  • notebanker said...
    1:49pm, Wednesday Aug 12

    People who ask us to stop treating them like they are stupid. Should STOP BEING STUPID! Republicans destroyed the economy--no one else. They got away with it because of stupid followers who now can't think well enough to understand the words "IF you like what you have, you can still keep it". For those who like the present stupid system for stupid people, keep getting your rates increased at the whim of insurance and healthcare manipulators. Keep letting those folks dictate the cost and care via their lobbyists. Obviously we have a lot of people who need mental health care. They are certain to be among the shouters. We shouldn't help them, but the new health care will be gracious enough to do so anyway. Perhaps new healthcare will help close big mouths and cure unnecessary haters.

  • notebanker said...
    1:59pm, Wednesday Aug 12
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