Mail Call

August 28, 2009

"In regards to the new Barbara Ingram school of arts, I can't believe that kind of money was spent on that school. These children are very fortunate that they are intelligent. They don't need the extra attention, especially when we have children graduating with eighth-grade or less reading levels. The slow learners seem to slip through the cracks." - Hagerstown

"This is in reference to a commenter saying that Leonard Pitts' column is the ranting of a lunatic. I'd just like to say that I absolutely enjoy his articles. He tells it like it is. I also read all the other ones and get the opinions from everyone. That way I can make an educated guess on what is actually the truth." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"After reading the Adenhart article in Monday's paper, I hope that every Little Leaguer does take a little bit of Adenhart with him, in the fact that the fun, morals and discipline that you learn from baseball is in the sport of baseball, that you can take these and live your life using these, everything you learn from baseball." - Falling Waters, W.Va.


"When President Nixon was elected, there were people who thought he could do no wrong. Only later did we find out he did and said much that was wrong. Now the same with President Bush; we are finding out more and more that secrets, secret things that were wrong are coming out." - Hagerstown

"This is to all you people receiving Social Security that voted for change in the last election. You got change; no increase in Social Security. This is the first year of no increase since 1975. Enjoy your change. I am sure glad I did not vote for change." - Williamsport

"To the person calling in about stopping for the hurt fawns: Don't blame the Humane Society for not helping you, but that just isn't really their job. Their job is to deal with domestic animals, and that's their primary and only purpose. So they wouldn't really help you with a fawn." - Hagerstown

"People are more annoyed at those who smoke than those who drink, get drunk, drive and cause tragedies. Alcohol consumption is a two-sided equation. There is personal responsibility, and bartender responsibility. To be pro-active and hopefully reduce alcohol-related crimes, a bartender should be trained and licensed by the state; carry liability insurance and be accountable by law for any consequences of his actions." - Clear Spring

"I'm reading in today's paper about the Social Security recipients not getting a raise, possibly for the next two years. How about let's take the welfare money from these lazy bums sitting around on their tushes and not working, when they're very capable of working? Take the money from welfare and put it into Social Security so these people can get their raises." - Hagerstown

"Can you believe Ed Forrest? He's on the Washington County Board of Education, which is a position that requires leadership of our young people, by example, not words. And he gets caught drunk driving in Chambersburg. ... And he thinks he can keep his position? Outrageous. The public put him in the office in the first place, and the public should demand his resignation." - Hagerstown

"I'm reading in Monday's Aug. 24 paper about people griping about the congressmen and senators giving themselves raises and all, but what I don't understand, election time, they vote these same (individuals) back in and then gripe for another four years." - Washington County

"Before they build another senior housing complex downtown, how about getting a grocery store for us seniors who live here now? Our transportation is very limited." - Hagerstown

"I listen to all of the Republican pundits who talk on these shows and they talk about the investigation into torture. You shouldn't do it, and all this, 'We're the United States of America.' Wait a minute. That is an international law. Geneva Convention. ... You do not torture. Any country that tortures is breaking the law ... The Bush administration broke the law. It's simple ... They broke the law. Prosecute." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"Democrats should concern themselves more by telling us where the jobs are, why they took our money to pay campaign contributors off, instead of worrying if terrorists were tortured. Torture was cutting stewardesses' throats with box cutters and blowing 3,000 Americans to bits." - Hagerstown

"Just read the AP piece in this morning's paper, and have to ask 'Are you kidding me?' The projected deficit for the end of next decade is going to be 75 percent of the entire U.S. economy. Why in the world are we not taking the checkbook away from these politicians? This is totally unacceptable. If I had someone run my budget this poorly, that person would have been terminated long ago." - Smithsburg

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