Area chefs advance in TV competition

August 27, 2009|By JULIE E. GREENE

FREDERICK, Md. -- The Voltaggio brothers, who grew up in Frederick County, each got a win on Wednesday night's episode of "Top Chef: Las Vegas."

Bryan Voltaggio, 33, of Urbana, Md., won the elimination round after his younger brother, Michael, who lives in California, won the quickfire.

The quickfire came with a $15,000 prize, but elimination rounds are generally considered bigger deals.

The quickfire challenge had each "cheftestant" roll the dice at a craps table to determine how many ingredients they would have to use to create a dish.

Bryan rolled a 10 and made a poached black cod with carrots, ginger purée and daikon radish sprouts. The dish was cited by guest judge Todd English as one of his three least favorites.


Michael, who rolled an eight, made a nitro gazpacho with compressed cucumbers and toast, and won the challenge.

The elimination round had the cheftestants split into two teams, with the male chefs cooking for a bachelorette party and the female chefs cooking for a bachelor party.

Each dish had to pair with one of the couple's favorite three shots of liqour.

Bryan and Michael both ended up facing the judges because their dishes were among the best.

Bryan, chef and partner of Volt Restaurant in downtown Frederick, won with a lime macaroon with guacamole and corn purée.

The judges enjoyed Bryan's play on guacamole and chips, with English calling it "whimsical and fun."

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