Mail Call

August 27, 2009

"I was just wondering, is this delegate, Jon S. Cardin, Democrat, of Baltimore County, is he related to the Ben Cardin, senator, that was over here in Hagerstown trying to tell us that he knows more about our health care and what we need than we do? The man hadn't even read the bill yet, and he's over here telling us he knows more about what we need than we do. They both have the same last name." - Hagerstown

"To the person on Crystal Falls Drive that called in about a coyote: Yes, there are coyotes down here, and I believe you, because we have a coyote on our place. We saw one, also three bobcats, and a neighbor told me that on a nearby farm, there was a family. People have to be careful." - Mount Lena

"The caller from Boonsboro wondered about why federal employees have their own retirement plan. First of all, the employees have to pay into the federal retirement plan, either CSRS or FERS. On top of that, all employees hired since January 1987 have to pay into Social Security. The system was written by Congress in 1920; it was not 'developed' by the federal employees. It's kind of like the retirement plan for any big corporation, written by the management with very little input from those most affected. Looting the federal retirement fund would not save Social Security; just as pouring a cup of ink into a swimming pool does not change the color of the water." - Chambersburg, Pa.


"I have nothing against the Little League. Both of my sons were in the organization many years ago. However, I did not enjoy the sports section of the paper for most of the summer. Most of the big articles were about Little League results, which related to a limited population of readers. The sports section is much more diversified lately. What a difference. I actually read some of the articles about the professional and college sports that really interest me." - Hagerstown

"In regards to the reader complaining about airplanes: The sound of a small plane is quieter than a lawn mower. Planes flying from the Hagerstown flight school don't go all over Hagerstown, and only go to the practice area, mostly unpopulated, a few hours a few days each week. Business aircraft only fly low enough to hear loudly on takeoff and landing. You may be hearing military or police training flights or aircraft flying over Hagerstown on the way to Camp David. To me the sound of a small plane is not 'noise.' It's the sound of freedom. The airport has been there for decades, it hasn't moved. People who live around it shouldn't complain that it sounds like an airport." - Hagerstown

"Give me a break - $40 to park in a public school parking lot? Is there no end? If you want to pay for cameras in the parking lot, have a fundraiser. Hold a spaghetti dinner, bingo, whatever. Do not add to the burden of the students and their families." - Hagerstown

"I like reading Charles Krauthammer. He is a good columnist, and although I don't always agree with him, he certainly is thoughtful. David Limbaugh offers the same partisan bickering, demonizing, name-calling that his brother does; his brother's just funnier than he is. Keep Krauthammer, get rid of Limbaugh." - Keedysville

"I'm confused. Sports figures can take performance-enhancing drugs; they get a slap on the hand. Most are still working. A football star goes to jail for dogfighting. He's got a new job. But a baseball player, he bets on baseball, he's banished for life. Just figure out the logic." - Hagerstown

"I just read about the mosquitoes. I live over by the East End, and the mosquitoes are awful. The mosquitoes are just awful over here. I'm not sure what's going on with them, but it'd be great if somebody could tell us how to get rid of them." - Hagerstown

"What's up with the BOE having so much secrecy and private stuff? That stuff sounds so un-American to me. Why do we allow this?" - Hagerstown

"I'm in Boonsboro, and I just saw a young girl, about 20-something, park in the fire lane, lock her car, get out, go get a cart and buy groceries. When's someone going to put down the law on parking in fire lanes, and handicapped parking without a permit?" - Boonsboro

"Each morning as I come to downtown Hagerstown to go to work, I'm impressed by the city employees out cleaning the sidewalks, watering the flowers and generally keeping the downtown clean. I just wanted to tell them 'Great job.'" - Hagerstown

"Kudos to Bobbi Cole, Williamsport Days committee chairman, and her volunteers. Another great event, despite all the resistance from Town Hall." - Williamsport

"I think it's ridiculous that the BOE has got young kids, in preschool on up to fifth or sixth grade, catching a bus at quarter of 7 in the morning. It's ridiculous. It should be the high school, middle school and then the elementary. Those poor children are not safe out on those roads waiting on a bus that early in the morning." - Williamsport

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