Mail Call

August 26, 2009

"I was sitting on my front porch today and noticed a lot of people running the red light right by Corderman's Hardware. Where are the police when they are doing this? They can park in the parking lot just like other police park their cars in spots (inconspicuous); why can it not be Corderman's? Also police seem to pay so much attention to the city ... but seem to forget that selling drugs just do not happen there, they also happen here in our block of the neighborhood." - Hagerstown

"If the federal government runs the health care it is about to take over like Cash for Clunkers, will the doctors and caregivers get paid, or have IOUs?" - Hagerstown

"A statement like 'Medicare is not a gift but insurance' because you pay $100 a month for a couple is the reason there is so much confusion in the health care debate. Yes, you pay a portion of the premium. ... Every worker in the country pays part of your Medicare insurance for you. So yes, Medicare is a gift to you and you should thank every person that has a job for helping you pay for it. The actual cost for your insurance policy is probably at least 10 times more than you pay for your Medicare premium." - Waynesboro, Pa.


"I do not always agree with Leonard Pitts' articles. Some get a little 'out there,' but why remove his articles from the paper? Read Thursday's article, 'The Other N Word' - very well written, and should make us stop and think. But are we becoming so opinionated that we don't want to acknowledge any ideas but ours? If you don't like his article, don't read it." - Mercersburg, Pa.

"So you're disappointed with the police because they cannot stop speeders on your road? It is totally inconceivable to think that the police can stop every speeder. How often do we read where someone is killed because they are speeding? The public is arrogant and ... will drive however they feel they need to drive to get where they are going - laws or no laws. Same with seat belts. Same with stop signs. So blame the police if you want, but they are a little outnumbered." - Maugansville

"Contrary to popular myth, there are many, many of us 'protesters' who most heartily agree that our health care system is greatly in need of reform. We just don't believe 'socialized medicine' is the right way or the 'American way' to do it. Tort reform would be a good beginning. Stop the outrageous lawsuits for multimillion-dollar claims, and begin trimming other unnecessary costs from there." - Hagerstown

"Do you realize this country, in large part, is run by 'lawyers'? That's why the legislation written is so difficult for the 'average folks' to read, and why most 'government-run' entities fail. A lawyer's expertise is mainly 'talking.' Some are better at 'word weaving' than others, but it's still just 'talking.' It makes you think sometimes that many of the 'talkers' who couldn't make it in private practice go into government, and our tax dollars become their 'gravy trains.'" - Hagerstown

"People, if you don't like what an editorial writer has to say in their column, don't read it. Leonard Pitts is one of the more understandable and down-to-earth writers, I think. Why should a paper print only things you agree with and want to read? My problem is trying to read George Will. I have trouble understanding what he is saying, so I start reading and usually give up, but don't have a problem with him being in the paper I read. Try going to the comics page to get a good laugh to carry you through the day." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"This is in response to the reader who thinks Leonard Pitts' column is the ranting of a lunatic. ... I have shaken my head in disbelief when I read either Charles Krauthammer's or David Limbaugh's opinion pieces. ... But reading these articles help me to clarify what I hold to be important and dear. I do not ask that The Herald-Mail remove either of these opinion pieces, as I think it is good to have diversity in thought and opinion available in our free speech nation. Folks need to be informed of all the views, not just the ones they agree with already." - Hagerstown

"Tim Rowland's article on Aug. 20 was quite humorous, but I'm afraid to say that people will probably actually believe some of the things he wrote." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"Caller, you claim I'm wrong in opposing Obamacare, and if I'd just listen to the politicians who support it, I'd realize they were doing it for my benefit. When my parents told me things they did were for my own good, even though I opposed them, it was true, and I believed them, but politicians? What a laugh. I've listened a great deal to many politicians, and one thing I've learned is that they all say everything they're doing is for the public benefit. Do you believe them all, or just the ones like Cardin and Obama that you support? And since they even admit they haven't read the bill, how they can possibly say and you believe that it will benefit us, when they don't even know what's in it?" - Frederick, Md.

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