What's wrong with this picture?

August 24, 2009

Editor's note: Each Monday, The Herald-Mail will highlight an infrastructure problem that is the responsibility of a governmental body to fix, and will try to find out what is being done to fix or improve the situation.

We will not tackle situations involving individuals or businesses.

The problem: A U-shaped gouge in the pavement makes for a rough drive on Summit Avenue, just south of its intersection with Surrey Avenue, near Park Circle.

Who could fix it: City of Hagerstown Public Works Department, street division

What they say: City Engineer Rodney Tissue said the spot in question is scheduled to be repaved next month as part of the city's pavement preservation program. Summit Avenue will be repaved between Memorial Boulevard and Garlinger Avenue in September, while the rest of the road, between Garlinger Avenue and Wilson Boulevard, is scheduled for repavement in the summer of 2010, he said.

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What's Wrong With This Picture?
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