Pet Watch

August 24, 2009

Chihuahua reported found in Hancock

Found - Chihuahua dog.

Where - The dog was found across from Widmeyer Park in Hancock.

When - The dog was found the afternoon of Thursday, Aug. 20.

Description - The female dog is black, but the top of its head looks like a gray hat. The dog is housebroken. It was not wearing identification.

Phone number - If this is your dog, call 304-267-0423 or 304-676-1676.

Small dog lost in Boonsboro

Lost - Small dog.

Where - The dog was lost in the Boonsboro area.

When - The dog has been missing since Wednesday, Aug. 19

Description - The dog is described as a small, black pug.

Phone number - If you have seen this dog, call 240-529-2227.

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