Mail Call

August 22, 2009

"To the Hagerstown caller who complained that NASCAR goes around in circles: ... Basketball players run up and down the court. Baseball players run around in a circle. Football players run up and down a field. At a tennis match, you watch the ball go back and forth, back and forth. And golf players hit the ball and walk, hit the ball and walk. So what's the difference?" - Dargan

"Financial aid for college is a joke. I apply every year, sometimes twice a year, and get turned down for federal financial aid every time. Unfortunately, you have to apply for federal before you can apply for anything else. The last time I tried, a few months ago, they said my husband and I made too much money. Together, we made about $35,000 last year." - Smithsburg

"Who is the intended beneficiary of the 'Cash for Clunkers' program? Looks like the car manufacturers and car dealers are making the money, and the buyers are stuck with car payments. Remember, the dealers were giving large discounts before the clunker program. You should get the $4,500 government money and a big-ticket reduction by the dealer. Don't be fooled." - Greencastle, Pa.


"While enjoying the outdoors and watching a small airplane overhead recently, I remarked to a friend that we haven't heard any cloud-seeding complaints lately. Lo and behold, what appears in Mail Call the next day but a caller complaining about just that, and as was the case decades ago, it was from a Clear Spring-area resident, claiming that planes flying on a cloudy day are altering the weather. It's their imagination that's clouded and under the weather." - Hagerstown

"I am really just wondering how people live without a job. I have for the first time in 21 years experienced not working for three weeks, and cannot get any help. I have made numerous visits to all the agencies and nothing. I already got an eviction notice and my heat, hot water and cable turned off. Can anyone please tell me where else to go to get help until I go back to work in two weeks? Are there any churches that help?" - Hagerstown

"I think it's high time we replace the current liquor board. They have been on there for way too long. ... We need some fresh, new, young ideas. The current board are a bunch of naysayers, and always give businesses trying to open a hard time, and no wonder nobody wants to open a business in this town, when you have to go before them." - Hagerstown

"I want to congratulate the Little League, the 11- and 12-year-olds, for how far they made it. And this little town of Williamsport showed the county commissioners that we didn't need their money, that all the owners of stores in and around Williamsport donated money. ... We do support our teams and we do everything we can for our teams, and we're proud of every team that is in the Conococheague Little League." - Williamsport

"All (these) new sidewalks on Dual Highway look great in the summer, but who's going to shovel snow off them in the winter in compliance with the City of Hagerstown ordinances? I've lived here 30 years and have yet to see the city, after a snowstorm, clear the sidewalk on Dual Highway on the bridge over Antietam Creek." - Hagerstown

"I'm 74, and my mom always told me, 'Fools' names, like fools' faces, are often seen in public places.' That's what I think about the people yelling at these information-gathering things that we have. Another thing is, she used to say, 'Just because you yell don't make you right.' And so that's what I think about that." - Hagerstown

"My Medigap is over 500 a month, plus co-pays. I also pay about a hundred for Medicare a month. Why are people yelling and allowing the health bill discussion to be hijacked? This is one grandmother who at 75 is not afraid of being killed by a law, but I do worry about the common sense of hospitals, doctors, lawyers and insurance companies, all chasing money. Please read the New Testament. If you can't understand it, get a copy of the Ten Commandments. They're very simple - and if that's still too much for you, try to follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." - Hagerstown

"There are a lot of ... riders in this area that do a lot of good things for charity - raise money, do rides, and I applaud them for it. But there's one in my neighborhood ... I've had enough of. He speeds through all the time, and he had the audacity to scream at one of my disabled neighbors crossing the street because he had to slow down for her. He was going way too fast to begin with. ... There's always one in every crowd that makes the others look bad." - Hagerstown

"Thank you, Herald-Mail. I applaud you for running articles by David Limbaugh and Charles Krauthammer. They're both wonderful columnists, and give you both sides of everything, and a lot of people can learn a lot of things when they hear both sides and understand more of what's going on in the country today, and I applaud you for doing that." - Hagerstown

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