What Do You Think?

August 22, 2009

Editor's note: Each week, The Herald-Mail invites readers to answer poll questions on its Web site, Readers also may submit comments about the poll question when voting. Each Sunday, a sampling of edited reader comments will run in The Herald-Mail.

Last week there were three poll questions. The first question was: Should the Philadelphia Eagles have signed Michael Vick?

o "I say yes only because it was becoming clear that SOMEONE was going to sign him, so it might as well be a team that I root against anyway"

o "The man paid the price and served his term. If someone doesn't like the amount of prison time he got, go become a judge."

o "This question really isn't about Vick. What he did was disgusting, but more importantly, it was a felony. Yes, he has paid his debt to society, but he is not an appropriate role model. When society lets a guy like Vick, or the many professional sports figures who are felons, on the field, it sends a clear message that this type of behavior is acceptable - even desirable. Has America become such a sorry place that there are not enough law-abiding citizens to play professional sports?"


o "No, but the Eagles want to win and he will take them to the next level."

The second question was: If Woodstock were held today, would you go?

o "I still enjoy the great music of the era and, as a kid, I used to think Woodstock and hippies were cool. Many were understandably at the time drawn to the sex, drugs and great rock 'n' roll of the event. But Woodstock was really an organized social movement that became an enduring symbol of a misguided and destructive era. What the '60s generation did with the bounty and promise passed to them, from sweat and blood of the World War II generation, is a travesty and is the root of a weed that is strangling our society."

o "All that generation did was push for civil equality, destroy segregation, liberate women and promote peace instead of war. Woodstock was and is all that is good with the human race. Peace, love and brotherhood, everybody getting along, no fighting, no aggression while everybody was 'under the influence.'"

o "It's funny, if you protest civil unjustice or a senseless war, you are a commie hippie. If you protest taxes or health care, you are a real American. Wonder what's wrong with our country?"

The third question was: Do you plan to be vaccinated against swine flu (H1N1)?

"If available, for me personally, I say it sounds worthwhile to take the precaution, along with the regular prevention strategies. Do not enjoy being sick nor have the time/money for extended illness. If the risk can be lowered, a voluntary vaccine sounds prudent."

o "Does this really pose that much of a threat? Seems it doesn't get much attention from the news anymore."

o "Yes. They offer it at work for a fee, but I will get it at the doctor's (office), as it is in and out quickly in case I have a reaction. Have gotten a flu shot every year for the past 10 years as a preventive measure."

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