Mail Call

August 20, 2009

"The phone companies should put on their computers a list of names of people with serious health problems, so they could get service first, or at least sooner." -- Boonsboro

"I'm calling about the health care reform they're trying to pass on everybody. I feel as though as soon as they put something on the table, I think it should go to the polls and let the American people vote it in or vote it out, than having the government telling us, you know, what we should have and what we should not have. I think the choice should be left up to the American people." -- Waynesboro, Pa.

"I'm not condoning in what Michael Vick did was right, with the dog situation in the past, but it seems people these days have made or have more compassion for animals than people. People who get 30 days for a drunk driving conviction, for vehicular manslaughter, deserve life in prison. We all have it wrong, when it comes to justice." -- Hagerstown


"I want to say and to have printed that I think that I've seen the calmest, most respectful town hall meeting from the president today, from Montana. Very pleasant." -- Boonsboro

"This is for the Boonsboro caller commenting about the not having a light out at the YMCA there. This is a place where people need to use caution. There's a few alleys and a few side streets around Hagerstown that don't have lights, so let's get a light at each one of those. How about staying off your cell phone when you're driving, too?" -- Hagerstown

"Anyone with extra produce from their garden should think about taking it to one of the food banks who are in need of food. The food banks' location and times of operation were listed in Friday's paper." -- Hagerstown

"When it comes to the health care debate, I trust the doctors and our U.S. government more than I do the insurance companies." -- Hagerstown

"I'm starting to worry a little bit. If Obama takes over health care, takes over the automobile industry, takes over energy, I don't know -- they don't need a Congress or Senate no more. He'll be in control of everything, and we definitely will be a socialist government if he takes over any more of these entities." -- Hagerstown

"It is now about 5 a.m., and I have been listening to about eight to 10 obnoxious teenagers on the street ... It's really disrespectful, I think, on people that live here. I don't understand why a curfew can't be enforced in this town. I think that the kids or the parent of the kids should be fine if they're out making noise and the cops get a call." -- Hagerstown

"From observing the crowd at the town hall meeting at the community college, I'm wondering if they know they are cutting off their noses to spite their face, because the whole health bill is for their benefit, if they would take the time to listen. It's very embarrassing to see our fellow Americans acting so rudely to our public officials. It is embarrassment to this nation." -- Greencastle, Pa.

"Compared to the criticism heaped on Reagan, Bush, too, and even, to a certain extent, Clinton, Obama has gotten extremely favorable treatment from the mainstream media. And yes, I know he's supposedly in there to help and improve America. ... But you seem to have the un-American idea that because of this, those of us who think the policies ... proposed, enacted will do neither, aren't allowed to criticize and oppose his policies." -- Frederick, Md.

"I think our legislators should step up to the plate and pass a law that keeps people from riding on trailers behind cars and pickup trucks. Now, these trailers are the type that, you know, people normally haul lawn mowers and stuff with, but now people are starting to ride in them like they used to and still do in the back of pickup trucks." -- Hagerstown

"I believe I had a spiritual awakening. I am 64 years old, and as I reflect back over my life, I can truly see that every problem I have ever had, I created myself." -- Hagerstown

"I live above Hancock, on National Pike. I don't know who, or how many or whoever it is that's riding around drinking and then throwing their beer cartons and beer bottles and beer cans out on our road, but I do wish they would stop, or else the cops could get hold of them. Glass bottles on the road is not good for cars and stuff, so please don't throw your junk out on our road." -- Hancock

"The county needs to build a sidewalk along Halfway Boulevard to the park, at least from those first two developments on the left-hand side or on the park side. It's very dangerous coming around those blind curves and having people -- adults and children, walking out in the traffic line." -- Williamsport

"On Obama's unemployment rates being low, you're not counting the people that's already drew all their unemployment and they're still out of work, or haven't been able to get work and actually sign up for unemployment, because they were denied. So they're not counted either." -- Hagerstown

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