Mail Call

August 20, 2009

"The county needs to build a sidewalk along Halfway Boulevard to the park, at least from those first two developments on the left-hand side or on the park side. It's very dangerous coming around those blind curves and having people - adults and children, walking out in the traffic line." - Williamsport

"On Obama's unemployment rates being low, you're not counting the people who have already drawn all their unemployment and they're still out of work, or haven't been able to get work and actually sign up for unemployment, because they were denied. So they're not counted either." - Hagerstown

"I saw once that 26,000 rounds were played at the (city) course. Don't all of these people deserve that the course be maintained to a minimum level of playing conditions? How can the city in good faith keep charging full price for this (course)?" - Hagerstown

"The decline of our society's moral standards is evidenced by the Leonard Pitts editorials being placed in the lead position in this newspaper's Opinion page, writings in which he advocates the gay lifestyle and compares the Woodstock druggies with an earlier generation's jitterbuggers." - Hagerstown


"I am living on Social Security I and my husband paid into all our working lives. Out of it each month nearly $100 in Medicare premiums are taken. ... Medicare is not perfect, but it's better than being without insurance. ... I would be very grateful if Medicare covered a conversation with my doctor about end-of-life wishes. Right now, officially, my practice hasn't a clue what I want, so I could end up with tubes keeping (me) alive, which I don't want. One person's take." - Hagerstown

"Wonderful article by Arnold Platou in the Aug. 16 Herald-Mail about foreclosures. That's the first time someone came forward - and not the county or state, giving us a song and dance - 593 foreclosures, only 198 sold. That's ... 395 until June. We lost $40 million in assessed value. No wonder we're in such bad shape. But these people filing bankruptcy are hurting everyone else." - Chewsville

"I think it is wonderful that they want to build a new apartment complex for senior citizens; however, how about obtaining some funds to do some much-needed repairs to Elizabeth Court? ... While new is nice, you also have to maintain what you already have." - Maugansville

"I am thoroughly disappointed with our law enforcement personnel. Living on Route 66 is hazardous, because of the total lack of law enforcement. ... Unbelievable. Most drivers seem to enjoy this racetrack, and drive 65 mph and well over that. Some motorcyclists must be exceeding 100 mph on weekends, when the road is not so heavily traveled, as most vehicles are from Pa." - Hagerstown

"At least one positive thing has emerged from this health care debacle. We can all see how out of touch our senators and representatives are from us working stiffs. I don't normally favor a constitutional convention, because of the risk of where it might lead, but in this case, one is needed so we can amend the Constitution to impose term limits. I actually felt sorry for poor Arlen at the town meetings. He looked like the proverbial deer in the headlights. Don't be surprised to see some watered-down bill finally pass." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"To the person who can't get a picture with the antenna and converter, I offer two possible solutions. First, the converter could be defective. Take it back and get another one if you're confident you are connecting and using it correctly. Second, if the converter is OK, then you could use a TV technician or someone familiar with the hookup, as you are not doing something correctly. Ask a relative or neighbor." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"I am writing on (account) of the high rate of speed on Mapleville road. Today I pulled from my driveway onto Mapleville Road, between Mill Point and El Rancho Road, and almost got run over by a dump truck. The speed on this road is only 30 and 40 mph, and it is like a raceway out here, all hours of the day and night. ... Where are our police? ... Why not set up somewhere between these two locations, and start taking licenses from these speeders who are traveling well over 20 mph over the speed limit?" - Boonsboro

"I'm the guy that wrote the first article about the scooters, and someone wrote in in response about the young people riding scooters. This person was not young that crashed his scooter. This man was clearly in his 40s. So we all need to be cautious of this situation." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the town hall meeting at the junior college. I've been in Washington County all my life, born and raised around here, and I've never heard people go after little kids, especially the president has these little girls. But because I don't think these people are Washington Countians, really, tell the truth, because we've always had more respect for people than that. ... No, I think we're better than this in Washington County." - Washington County

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