Mail Call

August 18, 2009

"To all who complain about overpaid ... baseball players and outrageous ticket prices: Forget the big leagues and watch the Hagerstown Suns. Suns ticket prices are very reasonable, stadium access and parking is so much easier. ... Although you won't see anyone who's been on national news, you can actually see the players' faces." - Hagerstown

"To all the people out there who still believe the smoke and mirrors coming out of Washington these days: As a small- business owner, I can tell you firsthand that the economic recovery program for small business is not available. It is big on media sound bites and promises and short on how to get it done. Do you really want people who cannot run anything well in charge of your health care?" - Hagerstown

"This is an answer to the lady from Big Pool who said if a person disagrees with the government, they shouldn't drive on a public highway, go to public schools, use the firefighters, police, medic or public library. Well, I'd like to inform her that my daily taxes, both my working taxes and my house taxes, pay for all that and I surely don't agree with a lot of the things ... taxes." - Hagerstown


"I want everyone - no matter what your political party or view is - I want you to listen to some of the things you're hearing on the radio. Now anyone who's protesting at these meetings or going against those who want to put this health care into action are now deeming those that are against it as un-American. I want you to listen to your heart and to your mind. Does this seem right to you?" - Hagerstown

"The Washington County Commissioners better take heed to the public health meetings. This is the kind of actions they're gonna have on their hands if they don't start paying down the county debt and eliminating that debt." - Washington County

"Just a little food for thought: The military insurance plan and the senators' and congressmen's insurance plans are run by the government. They have some of the best insurance in the country. And another 'for your information,' the rising price of health insurance, you're gonna be working for your employer to pay your health insurance. You won't have much left after." - Washington County

"Gov. Palin and ... Newt Gingrich in the past have both endorsed helping people write a living will when they were ill and they were old. The federal government for more than 20 years has encouraged doctors to talk with their patients about a living will. Now all of a sudden they're 'death panels.' It's amazing, when the Republicans are for it, they're living wills, and when the Democrats are for it, they're death panels." - Sharpsburg

"I know exactly how America can have the best health care plan to cover all of its people that we could ever imagine. Write the health care plan up and have it so everyone is under the same plan. That way we know that all the politicians and everyone who's always taking care of their own interests will make sure that it's a good plan, because they're gonna have to live with it, too." - Sharpsburg

"I'm just reading here in Mail Call where the lady or whoever it is thinks that Obama's being criticized too much. Now, I stood in line for a long, long time to vote for him and I didn't get into the voting booth because the lines were so long. And now I'm kind of glad I didn't because he's putting us in debt so far we'll never get out. He's not giving people - he's not giving Congress and the Senate time to read the bills that he wants passed through." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I'm embarrassed to live in a community that shows so little respect for a U.S. senator and no respect for our president, as was demonstrated Wednesday here in Hagerstown." - Hagerstown

"Does anyone out there know what to do about mosquitoes? They are so bad here in Hagerstown where I live. They are inside and outside. I am very worried. I've been bit so many times this year by them." - Hagerstown

"What a pleasure to read two reasonable, thoughtful columns by Leonard Pitts and Allan Powell on your editorial page today - and what a contrast to the ranting of David Limbaugh, as when he characterized the proposed health care bill as socialism. Do your readers a favor and cancel his column, please." - Cearfoss

"Years ago, the bank on the corner of Halfway Boulevard and Virginia Avenue had a problem with their customers getting hit when they exited the bank via Virginia Avenue. So they moved the exit to the other side of the bank and exited on Halfway Boulevard. Problem was solved. So why not move the exit from the YMCA to the other side, where there is greater visibility and it is safer? It seems to make sense to move it, than spend millions of dollars to put up (a traffic light)." - Waynesboro, Pa.

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