Noland Village residents get into Healthy Groove

Program offered physical activities and healthful advice

Program offered physical activities and healthful advice

August 18, 2009|By DAVE McMILLION

HAGERSTOWN -- Cady Vollmerhausen stood over pans of freshly made food outside at Noland Village Tuesday as the aroma of grilled delights wafted under a canopy where she worked.

Cooking at one of the stations for the Healthy Groove -- Take Steps to Live Well event, Vollmerhausen showed residents how to create healthful dishes such as a grilled vegetable and chicken stir-fry, grilled bananas and grilled fruit.

"Do you want to have some healthy food?" Vollmerhausen asked a group of youths who lined up at her table.

"Yeah," a girl said.

Healthy Groove features free, fun physical activities and healthful advice to show Marylanders simple steps to live well, according to promotional material. Healthy Groove, which is sponsored by the Maryland Physicians Care managed health care organization, has been held in Montgomery and Prince George's counties, and in Baltimore.

The Hagerstown Housing Authority teamed up with Healthy Groove to offer the program Tuesday from noon to 4 p.m. at Noland Village, a public housing complex.


Participants in the program were able to go through stations to participate in activities and get advice.

The stations included an active TV station with a Wii game, outdoor games, food tasting and health care help.

Participants could have a card stamped at each of the stations, and if they participated in each, they could spin a wheel for prizes such as water bottles and tote bags.

At her station, Vollmerhausen prepared her dishes on the spot.

"We do it here, so it's all fresh," she said.

Vollmerhausen had copies of recipes for Noland Village residents so they could prepare the entrees at home.

At the Wii station, youths lined up to play Wii bowling. The screen was attached to the side of a 32-foot recreational vehicle.

Devin Socks, 16, said he came with two other youths who were playing Wii, but he passed on playing.

"It's too hot," Socks said.

Besides, Socks has his own Wii at home.

Carmen Ortiz was watching her 4-year-old daughter try a hula hoop at the outdoor games station. Ortiz said brochures were distributed to residents notifying them of the Healthy Groove event.

"It's pretty cool. Educational. My kids are enjoying it. It gets them out of the house," Ortiz said.

Other activities at the outdoor games station included jump rope, kickball and soccer.

Healthful tips from Healthy Groove

o Eat smarter, and incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into meals.

o Get into a healthy groove by being more active, whether it's participating in outdoor activities or moving while watching television.

o Take control of your health and well-being by scheduling regular checkups and screenings.

o After you schedule your appointments, keep them. Create reminders for yourself, or tell a friend or family member who can remind you to see the doctor.

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