Mail Call

August 17, 2009

"Why don't they take, say, $2,000 each year out of the tip jar money and put it into a fund for the Little Leagues? Once teams get past the state tournament - up until that time they're on their own - they could draw out of this fund, responsibly and reasonably. After all, this is taxpayers' money. Also, I'd like to see The Herald-Mail print the receipts and the usage from the $10,000 that was used last year by the Federal Little League. After all, this is taxpayers' money and should be of public knowledge." - Hagerstown

"I'll never figure out the national media. This Michael Vick, a star football player, did one of the most horrendous things you can do with animals. He got what he had coming to him, did his time, and now the media just, it's like they just couldn't wait for him to get out of jail. Now they're praising him, aw, they want him to play football again. People like that you forget about. Just forget about the man completely. He doesn't deserve to come back and play professional football. And the media just can't get enough of him." - Hagerstown


"I just read the story about the gang problem in Williamsport. (Mr. Jones) stated that some of these young men do not have any structure in their lives. I was wondering if Officer Witmer couldn't touch base with the city fire department and the local emergency services, maybe steer some of these young men over to them. See if they couldn't be of assistance giving them something to do and something to belong to." - Williamsport

"I'd like to compliment Dawn. I was out in a ... grocery store over the weekend. She was a very nice lady. She heard that I needed help taking stuff out of my grocery cart, and she took the time to help me, and she said because she had seen some young men's generosity at Sheetz toward paying for someone else's food. It's the generosity of people that that's what we're here on this earth for, and if more people would be kind toward each other, the world would be a better place. We need more people like Dawn to help out each other." - Hagerstown

"Concerning Gov. Rendell still not passing the budget yet, I feel ... that he should be fined and face interest and everything on all the money that's being held back. Once he does get the budget passed, he should have to pay a lot of money in interest." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I watched a NASCAR race for the first time and now I realize why the conservatives like it so much. They both go around in circles." - Hagerstown

"What a swindle the Cash for Clunkers deal was. All the taxpayers got to pay for some people to get new vehicles. They should have at least required them to be American vehicles. I hope recipients at least had to be tax-paying citizens." - Hancock

"I picked up The Herald-Mail this morning and read a column by Leonard Pitts. I believe in listening to all sides of an argument, but if you are going to continue to print the rantings of a lunatic fringe like Pitts, I think I will need to avoid your publication." - Shepherdstown, W.Va.

"I am very upset with the unions standing up for the health care reform as proposed. I truly hope they understand the whole concept. After all, they will be one of us senior citizens someday."- Hagerstown

"These people that are shouting and shouting and shouting, and not letting anybody talk at these town hall meetings - how are you supposed to learn anything? See, you don't want to learn. You just want to be rude and crude. That's not being a human being. You have to be a human being first before you can listen. You might think this is democratic - no, it's not democratic. No wonder Bush had to screen everybody, so he wouldn't have to listen to all that stupid stuff. Didn't you people realize it's very rude to talk and shout when somebody else is talking? ... Listen to what people have to say, and ask questions." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I would like to point out to the American citizens that you are now witnessing the fall of the Roman empire. The Caesars and senators don't care about the poor, nor the elderly, but pretty soon everybody's gonna be starving."- Hagerstown

"Why doesn't Obama give the $4,500 to the kids that want to go to college and can't afford it? It sure would give them a start. Right now he's giving $4,500 to anyone that wants to buy a car. They call it the clunker sale. Well, our kids aren't clunkers, and they'd like to have an education." - Hagerstown

"Well, here's the senior citizen again, complaining about Medicare. What I'd like to know is, we will not get a COLA increase this year - or the next four years, as far as that goes, but at the same time, is our insurance gonna go up? And the answer is yes, so that gives us even less money to live on in an economy that keeps getting worse instead of better. So why, if I worked since I was 12 years old and I'm now 72 and I paid in my Social Security money all those years." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

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