Mail Call

August 15, 2009

"I'd like to know why some people place so much emphasis on height. I hear sometimes people saying about, the thing about being short. There's nothing wrong with being short. I mean, people are short, tall, fat, skinny. It's what inside a person that counts. And honestly, good things come in small packages, and I wish some people out there would teach especially their children that, because the height is not the issue." - Hagerstown

"This is about update on President Obama's thing he's got this, he's got going on. More or less, this is for a person from Hagerstown put this in: The stock market goes up and the stock market goes down. It does that all the time. He says gas remains level. Gas is going up. It ain't staying level, it's going up. The people buying cars like they did houses and they ain't gonna be able to afford them, so they're gonna have them repossessed. Unemployment is going up. ... I know two companies gonna lay off. The state of Pennsylvania is laying off." - Hagerstown


"Why don't the Little Leagues of Washington County form a union and each contribute to a fund, a fee each year to be used to help with expenses when a team gets to the regional playoffs? County commissioners, you were elected to serve the county. Isn't Williamsport in the county? Apparently, your concern was for Hagerstown only. We need to support our young athletes. I am proud of both Federal and Conococheague." - Hagerstown

"To the guy who says stock market's up, gas remains level: Tell him if it's so great, if Obama is so great, how come Bush's approval rate is higher than his?" - South Pointe

"If you don't want competition in the health care debate, be my guest, by being a prophecy fulfiller - lovers of themselves in the last days." - Gapland

"Recently, I was an in-and-out patient at Washington County Hospital for a (mammogram), and I received the best treatment. I would like to thank Kathy, Teresa and Calvin, and Dr. Kevin McCarthy. If I forgot anyone, I apologize, but I thank you all the same. I highly recommend Washington County Hospital." - Hagerstown

"I do not feel the city council should lend any of our taxpayers' money to anyone that does not have A1 credit." - Hagerstown

"I voted in the primary and the city election, and I think that we did a wonderful job with our city council. I feel that they will be the best one we've had yet. I have confidence in them." - Hagerstown

"Reading in the paper, I always see where the sheriff's department has a very, very long list of arrests and so forth that they have made in the county, but I never see anything about the Hagerstown police department. They on strike, on vacation or just don't want people to know the good things or the bad things they might be doing?" - Hagerstown

"It seems the public outcry against the five congressional private jets is now going to save $550 million. Does this mean they found the money to honor the COLA increase for the seniors' Social Security? Hmmm. Probably not." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"To the person who is thanking Obama for the unemployment dropping and the gas prices staying level: Do you really think he personally had anything to do with that? Obama has done nothing to influence the price of gas. That is just a product of the worldwide price per barrel. Again, Obama has not personally done anything to help the unemployment situation. So far, I have seen Obama have a beer at the White House, throw a luau and badmouth the United States to other countries. That's about all I can thank him for. As for Bush being in 'hiding,' he is no longer president. Why would he still be in the spotlight? He is probably enjoying his time without the liberal media scrutinizing his every move." - Hagerstown

"Obama said in the town hall meeting that AARP was behind his health plan. Today, AARP came out and said they haven't endorsed any plan yet. You got to get away from network news to get the real news. You really need to watch C-SPAN and FOX News." - Boonsboro

"I have also noticed the unsafe timing of the traffic signal at (Md.) 64 and Eastern Boulevard. The extremely short green turn arrow and not much longer solid green light for drivers on (Md.) 64 only allows a few cars to make it through. Many people continue through on the yellow and red because they know they'll have to wait another two minutes for the next two-second turn arrow. State Highway turned that signal over to the City of Hagerstown at the city's request, so send the complaints in to the mayor and council. This needs to be fixed before someone gets hurt there." - Smithsburg

"The City of Hagerstown tried to sell the Hagerstown municipal golf course in 1989. They failed. Now, it would appear that they are trying to reconfigure and ruin the character of the course ... is this the latest strategy to get rid of the course?"- Hagerstown

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