Letters to the Editor

August 14, 2009

County needs to adjust property assessments

To the editor:

It is time to unlimit assessment appeals. It is not acceptable that we cannot have our current bill adjusted and the county needs to find a way to do that.

Thank you, Herald-Mail, for doing the property tax story on the front page on Aug. 8 ("Assessment appeals are limited"). I just hope every property taxpayer in the country reads and understands the very timely information, giving us the precise steps for bringing our tax bills in line with current decreased property values.

Many people don't have access to the computer site, so, as mentioned in the story, the phone number is 301-791-3050 to get information to appeal or apply for a tax credit.


If you look closely at your bill, you will most likely see that it is assessed well over the current value. Regardless of when assessments are due, our current bills need to be adjusted now and the elected county officials need to see that accomplished on our behalf.

Unusual times call for unusual actions, regardless that assessments are routinely done every three years. All properties need new assessments now and the assessment office can use the same directives they offer in this story to do that, i.e., recent sales in the area, etc. Our taxes need to reflect the decrease in house values, and thus decrease in assessment now.

Yes, it means less income for the county, but the county will have to tighten its money belt and adjust its spending accordingly and make sure a deficit does not result.

Again, thank you, Herald-Mail and reporter Heather Keels for the information.

Peggy Jenkins
Washington County

Big Brothers Big Sisters needs volunteers

To the editor:

We would like to inform the citizens of Washington County that there is a great need for volunteers, especially males, at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washington County. We currently have about 60 children who are waiting for mentors to be their friend and spend time with them. Some of these children have waited more than two years for that special person to be a part of their life.

We have a school-based mentoring program in which volunteer mentors spend 45 to 60 minutes a week with a student in one of our seven partnering schools in Washington County. We also have a community-based mentoring program in which volunteers spend three to five hours a week being matched with a child from our community who could benefit from positive one-on-one time.

The important thing to remember is it is quality time being spent with a "Little" who needs and wants to be involved. Our local program proves children who are matched with a "Big" have improved their self-confidence, improved their academics, and improved their family and social relationships.

If you would like to be a part of our organization and help make the life of a child in your community a little brighter, please call 301-739-4711.

It only takes Little Moments with Big Magic to make a Huge Impact.

Tracy Mumma, mentor manager
Crystal Davis, casework supervisor

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