Mail Call

August 13, 2009

"I always read the Police Log in the paper and one day last week there was one that said someone had stolen some things out of a car that included $1,000 cash, video camera, digital camera and a laptop. I always find it rather interesting that people leave $1,000 cash, video cameras, digital cameras, laptops, etc. in their cars. First of all, who has $1,000 to have laying in their vehicle?" - Hagerstown

"This is to the caller from Smithsburg about the pitbulls running loose. No, there is not a leash law in Washington County, now is that ridiculous or what? We also have a pitbull up here around Salem Avenue School and I have called the Humane Society about it and they told me that 'No ... there is no leash laws in Washington County.' Is that the most ridiculous thing you ever heard?" - Hagerstown

"Concerning this clunker ad that's going on, I was wondering with this clunker deal that's going on and all if there's any chance that I could get credit to sell or trade in one of my pedal-powered bicycles that I own to be able to get a newer one, a better one to get around on due to the fact that that is what I get around on, you know, for transportation most of my life so far." - Greencastle, Pa.


"If you are having trouble with your tomatoes not turning red or cracking due to all this rain, here is a solution for saving them. When they look like they are beginning to turn color ... pick them off the plant and set them in your window or place in a brown paper bag. They will turn red very nicely and quickly with no cracks. And they will also not get bottom rot. I do this regularly and have had many great tomatoes this year." - Hagerstown

"This car for clunker thing is a bunch of stuff. I took in a 2001 Neon with 200,000 miles on it and they told me it has to get 18 miles to a gallon or less. It's eight years old. That car hasn't seen 18 miles to a gallon for five years. It might have gotten 24 miles to a gallon in 2001 but not anymore. You know they aren't giving that stuff away. It's worthless, it's a rip-off." - Hagerstown

"I'm looking at this picture about what the kids should wear to school this year. I'm looking at the boy and it looks like the exact same clothes I wore in 1970 when I was a sophomore in high school. See, history does repeat itself. Who had the best ideas? We did." - Hagerstown

"I was reading in the Sunday paper about the light out by the new YMCA. They said it's not deadly enough. How many people do they want to die before it is deadly enough? Don't you think it would be a lot easier to fix it before they were dead?" - Boonsboro

"I have a 4 1/2-year-old pitbull and she is the biggest baby you ever saw. She's never bitten, never even growled and she won't even bark at strangers, she just wants to lick them. Is she considered dangerous due to licking?" - Hagerstown

"Please, please, please take down all these yard sale signs that have been up for weeks, months, maybe even longer. We're tired of looking at them all up and down the roads, streets and highways in Frederick, Hagerstown, Waynesboro and even Gaithersburg." - Frederick County

"Congratulations to Valley Little League and its members, for volunteering to do such a fantastic job on the 13-, 14-year-old junior tournament, held for six days at Valley Little League. Unfortunately, they got very little publicity locally, but we'd just like to wish the Thurmont 13- and 14-year-olds congratulations for winning, and hope you do well in the region." - Hagerstown

"I give the Conococheague league officials a lot of credit. At least they came out and said what they wanted to use the money for that they asked the County Commissioners for." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in response to the Mail Caller that complained about the motor scooters being driven around town by these young people. ... These young people can't afford the price of these automobiles today and the price of gas. Yes, they should have a helmet on, I agree with that. I'm a senior citizen. ... State of Maryland gets enough of our money. But I do believe in a helmet law for these scooters." - Hagerstown

"I, too, agree with the people that think school starts too soon, but my main concern is, every year, is the insanity, and what I'm talking about is the way people drive to get to school, to drop their children off. And I think the word 'insanity' is about the best word I can come up with. It just makes no sense to me the way people drive in the mornings, I guess to get their kids to school and then go on to work." - Hagerstown

"My granddaughter and her husband want to buy a house in Hagerstown or Washington County, and I told them no. The taxes keep going up every year, and you end up paying more taxes than you are to house payments. So they're gonna look for a house in West Virginia, which I think they found. So anybody wants to buy any property in the city of Hagerstown or the county ... taxes and stuff." - Hagerstown

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