Morgan County briefs

August 13, 2009|By TRISH RUDDER

Avail Business Systems owner explains how he would move furniture into the new courthouse

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. -- Phil Cotchen, owner and president of Avail Business Systems, met Thursday with the Morgan County Commission to present how the move into the new courthouse would be approached if his company were used.

Cotchen suggested using the existing business furniture, such as the modular millwork (transaction counters), stackable file cabinets, mobile file system and work stations that his company provided.

Morgan County Commission President Brenda J. Hutchinson said the existing furniture will be moved to the new building, which is on schedule to be ready in March.

Avail focuses on filing systems and storage, and the company helped Morgan County Courthouse workers move files after the August 2006 fire that destroyed the building.


"Moving files after the fire at such a low price -- I'll never forget that," Commissioner Thomas R. Swaim said.

Cotchen said he works with the courthouse architect, Silling Associates Inc., and provided filing and storage for the Hampshire County (W.Va.) Judicial Center that Silling designed.

He explained all of the furniture parts that are being used now could be reconfigured to fit the new courthouse workspaces. He said he is working with Tammera Justice of Silling, and she is reconfiguring the existing materials.

Cotchen said his goal was to make the transition "as smooth as we can. It is a huge undertaking."

The commission has not yet decided who will oversee the installation of the furniture in the new courthouse.

Parks and Recreation votes to take legal action against Little League

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. -- The Morgan County Parks and Recreation Board voted Wednesday to pursue legal action against Morgan County Little League to get $853.12 it claims is owed.

The board will inform county attorney Debra MH McLaughlin to move forward.

A letter from McLaughlin was mailed to the Little League advising that the contract with Parks and Recreation will be terminated Aug. 31 if the money owed is not paid.

Board member Jim Slough said Thursday the contract between Parks and Recreation and Little League expires in the fall.

"It will be a challenge for both parties to put another contract in place, he said.

"They are not happy with the facilities, and Parks and Recreation is unhappy with the monetary situation," Slough said.

Board member Steve Unger suggested the board look into the Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken Leagues. He said the Babe Ruth League has been available in Hagerstown for 40 years.

Bruce Beadenkopf, acting director of parks and recreation, wants the concession stands to be operated by parks and recreation.

Board member Gordon McLeod suggested information be gathered on other leagues, the "rec league concept" and operating concession stands, and that a list be made for the next meeting.

Soccer field parking lot to be discussed

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. -- Estimates on concrete removal and fill dirt replacement at the soccer field parking lot are to be discussed at the next week's Parks and Recreation meeting.

It could cost about $20,000 to have the concrete removed and replaced with fill dirt at the parking lot of the new soccer field across from Morgan Field on U.S. 522.

Parks and Recreation Acting Director Bruce Beadenkopf said at Wednesday night's board meeting there is not enough money in the bank account to have the work done.

The field has been reseeded and can be used, but the parking lot is in such bad condition that it would damage cars, board member Steve Unger said.

Apparently, the area was a dumping ground for old tires and concrete was poured over it, he said.

Beadenkopf wanted to seek a loan, but most of the board members were against it.

After much discussion, member Luke Christie said "only borrow a small amount and fundraise and do whatever it takes to get the parking lot ready."

Walking trail to be blacktopped

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. -- A motion to spend $6,000 to blacktop the walking trail at North Berkeley Community Park was approved Wednesday night by the Parks and Recreation Board.

Member Jim Slough voted against the idea because of the price tag, but acting director Bruce Beadenkopf did not want to wait, fearing that rising oil prices will increase the cost.

"It needs to be done now, not wait a week. It's a safety issue," board member Bryan Heironimus said.

Slough volunteered to help set up a list of all the projects and costs that Parks and Recreation has in the works and prioritize them with Beadenkopf.

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