Letters to the Editor

August 12, 2009

Credit Sen. Cardin for willingness to listen

To the editor:

Sen. Ben Cardin has agreed to hold a town hall meeting at Hagerstown Community College in order to explain the president's health care reform program.

I'm certain that many of your readers, like my wife and me, have serious questions about the bill that passed the House of Representatives, which is the only proposal currently on the table.

Although (Speaker of the House) Nancy Pelosi believes that opponents of the bill have been hired by the pharmaceutical industry and Harry Reid thinks we are getting secret orders from Rush Limbaugh's basement, the fact is we are not organized and this is the only way that I can communicate with those of you who think like us and want to have your voices heard.


Sen. Cardin seems willing to listen. He told Fox News: "People have strong views about health care reform. The overwhelming majority of Americans want to participate. They want to know how it affects them, and what it will do with their health insurance through what it will do with their health care costs. Those are legitimate questions."

If the senator is willing to listen, it is important for those of us who oppose the current proposal to present our thoughts calmly and reasonably.

The sponsors of this legislation already know that we are angry. There is no reason for us to show that anger. As a retired attorney, I have learned in a long career that if I wish to be heard I should speak in such a way as to make others wish to listen.

Further, several left-wing groups are organizing their members to attend the Town Hall meetings to intimidate us. Let them get angry. The example of the Rev. Martin Luther King passively resisting when opponents became angry presented the world with visual images which turned the world against his opponents.

Sweet reasonableness in the face of anger is the best way for us to achieve our objectives. Our reasons for opposing the current proposal are coherent and compelling. The reasons given by the sponsors of this proposal sound hollow and keep changing when it looks as though we aren't buying it.

Finally, if there are left-wing groups bringing their members to the town hall meeting we should not blame Sen. Cardin for this. Although I am a Republican and did not vote for him, he does deserve credit for showing a willingness to come and listen to our criticism of the proposal.

Who knows? Maybe we can bring him over to our side.

James H. Warner


Humane Society could have received more

To the editor:

I have just read the list consisting of the charities receiving funds from the gaming commission.

I certainly believe the Humane Society of Washington County could have received more.

Those people work tirelessly taking care of animals in need.

In most instances the animals are at the shelter because of irresponsible citizens.

We need stricter laws pertaining to owning a pet.

I want to thank Mr. Paul Miller and all the staff and volunteers for their dedication and work.

Rosa-Lee Meyers

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