Salvage yard owner's subdivision plan nixed

August 12, 2009|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- Long-standing arguments about cleaning up a Washington Township, Pa., junkyard got a new sense of urgency Wednesday when a subdivision plan became further involved.

The Washington Township Supervisors did not renew Bruce Neibert Jr.'s salvage yard permit for 2009. Now land owned by him, his father's estate and his siblings is being prepared for a Sept. 25 auction.

The township planning commission recommended the supervisors reject the subdivision plan because Neibert lacks a permit. The supervisors agreed to give him another month to clean up the area before deciding on the plan.

The Neiberts also are waiting for approvals needed from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

David Neibert, Bruce's brother, said auctioneer Matthew Hurley knows to tell potential buyers about outstanding issues.

"He'll tell them everything's on hold," David Neibert said.

Wayne Highway Estates would include 10 lots on the east side of Pa. 316 South. Also under review as a separate plan is Iron Bridges Estates on the other side of the road but primarily accessed from Iron Bridges Road.


David Neibert said he hopes the land sells to take care of back taxes and bills. He told the supervisors that substantial cleanup will occur on both sides of the road in less than two weeks.

The supervisors agreed to review the matter again on Sept. 2, after officials visit the site.

Washington Township Manager Mike Christopher told Bruce Neibert to establish a processing area within his designated area and replace trees that were removed.

"You've got to block people from dumping stuff in the open space behind the trees," Christopher said.

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