Get to know Alicia Platter

August 11, 2009|By AMANDA KREHBEIL / Pulse correspondent

Editor's note: Alicia Platter is a Pulse correspondent. Watch for future Pulse editions to get to know the rest of the staff. Do you know of a local teen who should be profiled? Contact Assistant Lifestyle Editor Crystal Schelle at

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Name: Alicia Platter

Age: 15

School: Smithsburg High School

Grade this fall: Sophomore

Favorite music genre: I'll listen to whatever comes on the radio.

Any hobbies? I love my horses, and raising calves. I read and write a lot, as well.

Favorite color: Emerald green

Why did you join Pulse? I joined Pulse because I love photography and journalism.


What's your favorite food? My all-time favorite food is spaghetti.

Where's your favorite place to be? Chincoteague and/or Assateague Island.

Family: My dad, Dave, and my mom, Dee Dee (and many, many pets!)

What's your style? I'm very casual and I'll choose comfort over style (almost) any day. I'm pretty unpredictable, because I could be wearing a Gander Mountain T-shirt with jeans one day and then a really nice dress the next. My style really just depends on my mood that day!

What is your favorite book? "Kiss" by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy.

Which iPod are you and why? I would be the shuffle. You can't tell me what to do very easily, and, like I said, I'm kind of unpredictable.

Favorite word and why? Discombobulated. It tends to confuse people.

What color would you change your eyes to? Gray or silver.

Which are better, boys or girls, and why? Girls tend to mature mentally more quickly, but guys don't have as much drama in the first place, so I think it's a tie.

What is your biggest pet peeve? I hate it when people smack their lips when they eat.

If you were stranded on a desert island, and could only take one thing (and it can't be used to get you off the island) what would it be and why? Shoes that I can easily walk and run in. If I'm stranded, I'll probably be walking quite a ways trying to find some form of civilization.

Who is the most annoying celebrity? It's a tie between Miley Cyrus and Carrie Underwood.

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